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One renter's lament is another owner's windfall !

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Couldn't agree with you more, dealboy - I think you could give Suze Orman a run for her money!

Thanks for laying it on the line; hopefully it'll wake up some renters who actually are in the position to buy, but are either afraid or think (as you do), that it's too late in the game. But (believe it or not), bargains still can be found if one puts in the time & effort to look hard enough.

They may be few & far between, but they're out there.

What you've stated can also be summed up by the following short dirty:

As an owner your showered with gold from a nozzle,

One man's tsuris is another man's mazel!

Should be everyone's mantra - Happy New Year everybody!

I meant "DITTY" - Sorry!

DEALBOY!!-I agree with what you have to say!! RIGHT ON!!

On balance, I'd definitely like to hear your comments, with Applied Number$, where you can, re: "The Harlem 2013 Situation" relative to the rest of so-called "Prime Manhattan"

Is there any reason you felt the need to post this in two different threads?

"(owning is much cheaper than renting)"

When you start with this as your PREMISE, then you argument is fundamentally worthless.. and the rest is useless.

"Renters get ZERO percent return"
The long term stats say buyers get zero return.

Renters get whatever return they put the money they save on a down payment and/or cheaper monthly payments.

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