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Kitchen cabinet spray painting


I have a 11'x 6' kitchen with wood cabinets on half of the walls. How much is a reasonable cost for sanding and spray painting the cabinet doors glossy white? I have seen some large numbers for both spray painting and refacing...not sure what is the market rate for this type of jobs.

Why not do it yourself? I did mine, EXACTLY what you have in mind, ie: Glossy White. It only costs about $6 for a bottle of spray paint at Home Depot, and the total job cost me well under $100. My kitchen is a little smaller than yours.

If you don't want to do it yourself, just buy the paint and pay someone to sand and spray for you.

In any case, make sure you have an open area to air dry the paint. You must take the doors down and air dry outdoor, the fumes from the spray paint will be too toxic for your kitchen.

Also, there are different brands of spray paint, try a few to make sure you find the brand that works best for your needs. There are several brands that do not give the GLOSSY white effect even though on the bottle they say it is glossy.

If you want, I can locate the brand that I used for my kitchen.

Good luck.

Thank you Superwoman! If you can locate the brands, it will be great!

This is the one I ended up using for my cabinets, rustoleum gloss white,

I bought mine from home depot.

so far this is the glossiest that I can find, try one bottle first and see how well it works for your kitchen. Again make sure you spray the doors outdoor.

btw I tried painting with latex and oil paint before, there are many brands that are advertised as GLOSS or HIGH gloss, that did not work for me at all. None generates the kind of HIGH GLOSS I have in mind , the rustoleum gloss white is the closest I can find.

Good luck...

Zippy:take them to an auto body shop for a quote.

We ended up putting in new custom kitchen cabinets with a lacquer finish; problem is the lacquer is the wrong color. Contractor is saying he cannot do anything about it and that color cannot be changed. The color is going to be changed even if it involves having the contractor take out ones he just put in and putting in new ones; the mistake is unambiguously his (finish written into contract). Here is my question: Is contractor being honest when he says there is no way to change the color of the lacquer? Why can't he just take doors and spray them elsewhere and then spray the exposed fixture portion of cabinet boxes/bases in the apartment after covering surrounding areas? I can understand why he'd want to say nothing can be done and just pray that we can live with the weird color because I am guessing this is going to be an expensive fix for him, but his is the most bizarre response to a clear mistake I've ever heard -- "Oops, sorry, nothing I can do. Don't you think this color is nice too?" Who says that to anyone, let alone a lawyer?

Never mind; I had asked contractor to put his response in writing and rather than a reiteration of our conversation, I just received an e-mail that apologized and said that he will fix it within next three weeks. Maybe he reads Streeteasy or maybe he is just living up to his excellent reputation. Either way, I am going to pretend the verbal discussion never occurred. Contractor came to us highly recommended and the work has been generally excellent; I can understand why he tried the Hail Mary.

Never mind; I had asked contractor to put response in writing and rather than reiteration of our verbal discussion, I just received an e-mail apologizing and promising to fix the problem within the next few weeks. Maybe he reads Streeteasy or maybe he is just living up to his excellent reputation. Either way I am happy and don't blam him for trying the Hail Mary.

Whew! Imagine if your toilet seat were the wrong color. Then what would you do? I can just imagine the thread you'd start here on streeteasy.

It ended up taking the contractor 4 mos. to come back and fix the cabinet color, which involved taking all the doors offsite to re-spray and then scheduling frame spraying while we were away (fairly easy since we are away a lot). I have renovated a number of properties in my life and no project has ever come close to how difficult it was to renovate our small (approx 1000 square feet) apartment in NYC. We had an excellent contract and it was still an enormous headache coordinating all the moving parts. I cannot imagine how difficult this would be if you did not have excellent contractor.


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