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Manhattan rentals no dog breed restrictions


All --

Wondering if folks can recommend buildings in Manhattan (elevator, doorman) that don't have breed restrictions on dogs. We have a 35-lb British Staffordshire Bull Terrier (NOT a pitbull or an American Staffordshire Terrier) that I know some buildings will prohibit because she might be considered a "pit-bull type" dog - even though she's not. Looking for a 1 bedroom under $4000. Appreciate any leads on management companies or buildings or even brokers who would be good to contact.

feel free to email me at, I work for a management company that owns and manages many NYC buildings which you may be able to rent in.

Thank you,


If you haven't found anything yet, I know a management company that may take your dog (elevator, doorman, 1 bed under $4k/mo).

Question: Does your dog have any negative history or is she friendly?

I'm assuming this is the breed?


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i'm with jason, if you need this kind of a dog, you should be living in East Harlem.

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Get your dog certified as a "service dog" and I am pretty sure all landlords have to accept them. I am not a realtor, but based on my experience, certified service dogs are allowed in all buildings. My old apartment was rent stabilized with no pets, but pets were allowed if they were certified as a service dog.

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$1K over the lease term is pretty cheap, considering the liability problems the landlord could encounter.

Insurers define "pit bull" as not any specific breed, but rather "American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, or Staffordshire Bull Terriers, all commonly known as Pit Bulls" (and their mixes) when they exclude you from coverage.

That pit-bull owners are invariably on the defensive tells its own story. "She's a love-muffin with us!" Yeah, but it's not you we're worried about. Or the "there're hardly any deadly attacks!" as if a kid's face ripped off doesn't count because he survived.

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I just don't understand why livestock -- and their filth -- are permitted in apartment buildings. They pretty much were not ever before the suburbanite invasion of the body snatchers that befell Manhattan.

Hell in a handbasket.

At least buildings still require pet or child owners, runners, joggers, carters and tradesmen to use the service elevator.


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