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Where to live duing reno?


Anyone know of a good short term housing solution? We're renovating our apt for 2-3 months and cannot live in it while work is being done. We've thought about either living in cheap $100 hotels in Manhattan (Best Western's, Hilton Garden Inns) or a short term rental. Problem with short term rentals is that, for some reason, there's a massive premium to them. I wish I could get away with renting out my apt short-term.


My client just rented a place in New Jersey for 5 months until there project is finished. She is saving a lot of money moving out of Manhattan while this is going on

Everyone lives at the Parc Vendome during apartment renovations.

It's just what New Yorkers DO.

craigs list!!!!

airbnb or craigslist. Also heard that Jersey City has some apartments.

look for corporate rentals. Churchill and Oakwood come to mind. But google for others.

2-3 month reno?
just painting and re-finishing the floors?
2-3 month renos last 7+ months.
Prepare youself. I know what your, not my contractor when he say's 2-3 months, he means 2-3 months...
"oooh what a lucky man...he was"
special thanks to Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Phillips Club near Lincoln Center. Its where westsiders stay when haveing work done on their apartments.

Try Marmara. (if you can live on UES)

I saw a few places at 88 Greenwich about a year ago and thought they looked pretty swell for short-term furnished.

It's bizarre how expensive short term rentals are. The same studio apt that would rent for $2200 goes for $3500 when it's short term. Wow.

Also, curious to know how the owners are allowed to rent out their places on a ST basis. I know in our two condo buildings, they adamantly state "no short term rentals. " Yet, I know it's being done.


I really hope not. But seriously, I'm just having a few walls knocked down, a few walls put up, recessed lights throughout. What can possibly go wrong? (famous last words...)


Oakwood wanted $4000/month for a studio apt. that normally goes for $2200. Highway robbery. A third-rate hotel in NYC isn't a bad option, is it? You know, the Four Points, Hilton Garden Inn, Best Western types sprinkled all around Manhattan.

Short-term rentals go for a significant premium. Annual rentals can live with the apartment being unoccupied perhaps one month every 24. Short-terms could be unoccupied 3 months of the year and are typically furnished.

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Sign a 1-year lease at a Related building. They would rather let you break it early than assign it to someone they haven't approved.


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