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kitchen backsplash opinions


Hi all,

Just wanted to get some opinions on kitchen backsplash - have a U-shaped kitchen, needs something like 30 sq feet of backsplash - black ikea cabs on the bottom, white glossy on top, white ceaserstone countertop, dark floors. want something interesting/modern but with mass-appeal for when I sell in a few years.. posted on Gardenweb - would love opinions - on here or you can post there oto..


IMHO doing kitchen cabinets in 2 different colors is going to hurt resale value in the first place, despite what you do for the backsplash

i agree with ph41. in addition, i would choose a more typical backsplash. those don't run 50 sq ft, more like 20.

I wouldn't advocate conforming your kitchen to bland market tastes if you're going to live in your home for a long time. That said, if you go with something more timeless and classic, it'll be MUCH easier to resell later.

The pictures that you posted have a very specific taste that may not appeal to all buyers. Be careful choosing two distinct cabinet colors.

What you post are very taste-specific choices without mass appeal. They're fine if you want to have them and plann not to resell for a long time. But otherwise, this is the sort of thing you will never recover a cent for and may actually turn people off because they don't plan to remodel and don't want to live with your choice.

Ultimate in neutral yet attractive is the ageless subway tile. Can be in a white/neutral marble or ceramic. Other choices can be inspired by taking a trip to Urban Archeology, Ann Sacks, MCKB, or any other other tile showrooms in Flatiron and Chelsea. You aren't talking about much space to cover, so even an expensive choice isn't crazy priced.


My feeling it is just a backsplash, do whatever makes you happy and then when its time to sell you can always replace it.

I agree with Primer ... backsplash is relatively cheap and painless to replace.

But subway tiles are not timeless ... they were severely out of favor for two generations, between the 1920s and the 1980s. Likewise, "timeless and classic" is a moving target. Overexposure changes impressions quite effectively.

I'm glad I used easily-changed paint for my backsplash, and happily surprised that I still like the color I chose.

Be sure your counter installer puts a bead of the right kind of clear caulk on the side before he butts it up to the wall, and cleans the caulk up right away.

If you really would love opinions? Are you selling within 5 years? If so, do whatever a kitchen designer tells you, and tell them you are using a sharp pencil (which you obviously are, with Ikea cabinets).

I have strong dramatic tastes like you, but I reined myself in hard to create a kitchen that will appeal to upper middle class masses. So glad I did, as the offers are coming in.

There are variations on subway tile that might be OK with you. Also, if resale matters at all, ditch the two colors of cabinets. Very bad idea for resale.

Kylewest is right, if you don't tone it down this is just going to cost you.

5 years is a long time. It is a backsplash, how many square feet are we talking about? How much are the tiles you want?


I am finding that more and more people are buying Ikea cabinets including hi-end clients. One project we just finished my client went with Ikea cabinets in the kitchen, spent close to 20k on appliances and spent a nice sum on the bathroom tiles.

Sometimes I feel like an Ikea salesperson as I really like the outcome and my clients spend the money on other things, like nicer floors, Farrow and Ball paint or just great light fixtures. Ikea is not just for the clients who are using a sharp pencil anymore

Primer--do u agree about the two tone cabs.. Bad idea? Black stricter on bottom, gloss white on top, white ceaserstone

Also: 30 sq ft of tile at 21/sq ft shipped

I would not do two tone cabinets. Big fan of glass subway tile like these

I think the how long are you going to be there is the most important question. If it's 5 - 10 years do what you like. If shorter no one wants to pay extra for your taste

Saw this listing (done up very modern kitchen - cost a lot of money)

and I believe it has lingered because they are trying to recoup the expense of something not to everyone's taste

Tungsten, I just looked at your before pic.

Unless you're radically altering the functional arrangement of this kitchen, you should just leave it alone. It looks crisp, not particularly dated, and in good shape. It even matches your stated style preference (modern), rather than being raised-panel cherry wood or hideous 1990s Martha Stewart for KMart white cabinets with divided light pane upper doors. It has the chiaroscuro look you're going for, too.

Anything you do to it will merely be a change, not an improvement.

Give your money to charity instead.

And you might want to get the crap off the counters and put it away where it belongs when you're done using it. I'm just saying.


I do not think that it is a bad idea at all. If it was a custom made kitchen then maybe. One great thing about Ikea is that you can always change the doors. When it comes time to sell you can purchase new doors if needed.

I'm with Primer. Ikea cabinet doors can be swapped out easily and cheaply so I don't think using two different colors is an issue. The backsplash is also relatively easy to replace if/when you decide to sell and think something more mainstream is the way to go. As for the tile images you posted, I think something smaller in scale is going to work better. The upper cabinets are hung relatively low, not leaving too much height for the backsplash. I think a smaller pattern would fit better in that space. For example, the distorted chevron pattern tiles look too large and might feel cramped in there.


Do you recommend any Ikea cabinets over others? Do they vary at all in quality?

I have been told by contractors that Ikea's lacquer (Abstrakt) does not look like high end lacquer; however, the shaker cabinets (Adel) are much closer to the "real thing".

Do you agree?


I disagree completely.

Their lacquer finish is just as good as any I have seen. If you compare the finish to custom shops it is actually better.

Look through my blog, we have been doing many of the hi gloss Ikea cabinets

I also like the hi gloss flat panel because it is easy to customize the cabinets, cutting the doors is easy, with the shaker style we can not do as much

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Personally I love these:

I've seen them used beautifully in at least two kitchens--they have a wonderful timeless/classic quality yet are not as large as typical subway tiles so they look great in smaller spaces.


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