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Closing lawyer


Can anyone recomend an attorney for a simple coop closing and review of FS, minutes? Need ASAP


Lots of threads on this topic here but I used Kurt Roth for my co-op purchase and a few real estate-related matters since. He's been doing NYC real estate forever and responds quickly, so I'm happy.

Kevin Farrelly, Steve Gittleson, or Fern Schwaber.

Also, David A. Caraway.

+1 on Kurt Roth. I haven't had him on my side of the table, but he was on the other side of the table at a condo closing last week and seemed with it.

ali r.
DG Neary Realty

Thanks for the recomendations.

Does anyone have contact info?

DON'T use Jonanne Semainaria. Delegated everything to an intern who was lucky to be able operate the buttons in the elavator...

Jonathan Helfer.

John Serpico - 718/875-4003.

Frederick Schneider: he did our closing on a co-op--was great all around and reasonable too. 212-575-7900.


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