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Listing apt without photos?


Why bother rushing the new lisiting to MLS when the photos are not ready? Is there some advantage to getting an earlier listing date, or other benefit i am missing, Rather than have the broker wait two more days and put together a description that looks buttoned up with photos?

Brokers, please enlighten me about this practice. As a buyer, I like to see the pics, not just number of bedrooms and address.

As a real estate photographer, I agree.
As a broker, sometimes there are valid reasons.

As a buyer, if I know the building, I don't necc. need photos right away. If it sounds like a good deal based on the description, I'll at least call the owner/broker for more info.

In general, of course photos help.

@ Daisy ... don't you believe EVERYTHING thats put on the INTERNET ??

I could be wrong here, but I believe there is a requirement that within x hours or days of signing a listing, a REBNY broker/age is required to post the listing regardless of whether photos or floor plan are ready.

KW has it exactly right. It's a violation of REBNY rules to sit on a listing until the photos (which generally take 72 hours) are ready.

ali r.
DG Neary Realty

KW & Ali are both correct.

"24 hours unless..." - Article I, Sec. 5 (pg.5 of pdf)

Ali - If you ever need photos in < 72 hours, contact me. I usually have a 2 day turnaround.

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This listing (I saw it) sold in a few days before photos were listed.

the broker just said "if you know the building the apartment is in itsoriginal state"

I think the rule was meant to prevent brokers from hiding the listing and making it available only to their brokere houses oher agents for a time. This did nothing to serve the client. If e client truly doesnt want the listing to go up the client can wait to sign the agreement and keep it as a "pocket" listing for the broker until things are all ready.

Sorry: " their brokerage house's other agents" is what i meant.

Street easy is not MLS you moron


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