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Who is target mkt of $5-$6,000 700sqft 1Br rental?

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People who hate both space and money.
Disgruntle ex-astronauts whose divorce agreement has a provision where the ex-wife has to pay the rent.

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A single guy in his thirties making $350K (a few single woman in similar situation). A young couple with dual income who wants to live it up. Trust fund kids. Out-of-town wealthy businessman who needs a place to crash frequently. BTW, thought MIMA was a bit cheaper at $4500ish.

RE investors.

Corporate housing, Pied -a terre for a rich executive who is in ny part time.

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Someone who can't afford to live in 55 Thompson's $9K one bedrooms.

I have been looking at this inventory because we have been renting 2/2.5 in midtown for past two years and are thinking about downsizing to a 1/1.5 in midtown. We are dual income professional couple; one of us needs to be in NYC about 3 days per week. Supply of units you ask about looks good in relation to demand at this particular point in time.


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