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I'm very curious what the broker's justification is for the asking price on this apartment. 23B, an identical unit just five floors below, with essentially the same fantastic views, just closed for $2,135,000 after languishing on the market for longer than it needed to because of an above reasonable asking price. That unit had some very taste specific finishes, but for anyone in this price range, I would assume they'd be coming in to customize to their own taste no matter what. Ok, so knock the price down by $50k for the cost of removing someone else's unique design choices. 17B, same exact unit, sold in early 2012. While 11 floors lower, still has the 10 foot ceilings and excellent views. 28B commands a $1 million premium? 50% mark up??????

Fantastic building, fantastic apartment, but absolutely out of her mind broker/seller. If I were the bank looking at this loan, I'd look smack at 23B and come back with an Appraisal around $2,400,000, MAYBE, depending on whether there were any notable upgrades.

Curious to get the thoughts of other brokers who know the building...

Just someone "shooting for the moon" - can't really blame them. There are currently lot's of owners out there giving their brokers silly and unreasonable mandates in the hopes that a buyer actually "lifts" their offer. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Could also be an attmept to get the neighbor to buy them out since there are a a few "combo apartments" in the building. There is another apartemnt coming up for sale at 181 that will be listed shortly. Tax abatement is expiring in 2015.

Could be the substancial change in the view.
If you look on the window on 23B kitchen pic you see the orange building next door right in your face. (2nd pic)

28B your on par with the roof of the orange building

just sayin...

my recollection is that floors 18 and below have the lower ceilings, and those above 18 have the higher, and that the difference is significant.

kitchen and bath shown in pics of 28b are original.

17B has the 10 ft. ceilings...It's floor 16 and below with the lower ceilings. My point is 23B, though...


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