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Upgrading Electric


I am looking to reno my kitchen & put in mini-split A/C in the near future. I currently only have 60 amp service. Does anyone have any idea what it takes, as well as a ballpark price range for upgrading to 100 amp service? Is this even possible?


1. Just because your panel says you have 60amp doesn't mean you do. Have an electrician check in the basement
2. Most buildings do not allow you to increase
3. What floor are you on?

When we renovated we realized that there was no way the existing panel would carry the load of updated lighting, kitchen equipment, etc. etc.

We were able to add an additional panel, at a fairly hefty cost, as there was an additional Con Ed electric panel 3 floors below us (had to contribute several thousand dollars to the building's "hallway redecoration fund" added to the electrician cost.

It helped that the board president had combined apartments and knew himself that he had had to add capacity.

Check your co-op/condo's alteration agreement. If the building has enough capacity for you to replace cable, there's usually a fee to the building. $4K for each 100 amps comes up a lot.

Then there's getting the fatter cable to your apartment. If the existing conduit isn't big enough, you'd have to install new conduit and find somewhere to put it.

My building let someone on the 10th floor install big 6" conduit from the meter room up through the service halls. There's a junction box at each floor, so lower-down apartments adjacent to that hall can run more cable in that conduit in the future.

In another case, where the apartment didn't have access to that hallway, the building let them run their own conduit up in a corner of a fire stair.


Let's see if this is enough info for a full answer.
My "building" is actually made up of 19 identical townhouses. There is no basement, just a crawl space. I am in a ground floor unit. My electric panel is on the left wall of the kitchen. On the other side of the right wall of the kitchen is the utility room where the power for my townhouse (and I think for 2 others) comes in.
I would imagine it would be easy to run anything additional through the kitchen from the building panels while I have the kitchen walls/ceiling open.
How do I know if there is enough power at the building panel?
If there's not enough power at the building panel how do I get more?



Go find your meter and see what numbers are next to the "CL" and the "V."

The first is "class" which will tell you the capacity of your meter. The second is volts.

For example, CL100 120V is 100 amps of service at 120 volts. CL200 240V is 200 amps at 240 volts.

Let us know.


The best thing to do is have an electrician come look at. I could send one of mine if you would like


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