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Sale at 201 West 74th Street #PHA


This seller must be dancing down Broadway. With an ask of $1,195,000 and a sale price of $1,625,000 this must have been a bidding war for the books. Someone wanted outdoor space really bad.

Sorry for triple post. Something about server skipping a page and I re-tried only to find it was going through.

Actually looks like the buyer may have lived close enough to see it from their previous apartment and really, really, wanted it.

Though the parapets surrounding the terraces are fugly.

"Though the parapets surrounding the terraces are fugly".
I couldn't agree more, but that didn't seem to hinder the situation.

Where is Brooks2? Maybe he can explain this sale price to me.


Did not you hear that it is all coming crashing down when the rates go up without inflation increase and stronger economy. Rents are getting cheaper every year.

I am 60/40 stocks/ bonds in my portfolio. Bonds are long dated as they provide a great hedge. Will pass any back testing. Oops may be not above.


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