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2013 : Upcoming new Building info


Please contact me for update of One Madison Park.

Thanks Yoko, can you tell us what discounts are available at One Madison Park?

We even don't have official prices yet! My forcast is that the units will be sold very quickly, and in full or over asking price, as like 150 Charles Street experienced last month.

Well if that's your (I'm sure, unbiased) forecast... where do I sign up??

150 Charles is a VERY different property in a VERY different neighborhood then this one which has been mired in issues since day one oh so many years ago. And 150 Charles actually does have some units still still available. The market is strong and inventory is low but hubris in any form isn't becoming. That's what gives brokers a bad name...

I see the obelisk is back in play...

"All these apartment buildings are yours except One Madison.
Attempt no purchasing there.
Use them together.
Use them in peace."


I'm impressed by a crystal ball that lets one forecast sales will happen above a price when the price isn't even known.

Comment removed.

Jim what are you worried about? This thread is about sales, not rentals.

respect the cock!

When is the sales office supposed to open?

If anyone can clarify for me - there are 2 buildings, that eventually, be built and completed. I believe that One Madison park is one of the buildings that faces 23rd street (hence the clock tower) and the other is 23 East 22 street - that has a new construction going on right now and it's up to a third or forth floor. I went to look at it couple of weeks ago and it's not One Madison Park - it's fasing 22 street.
Can someone clarify????? Please !!!!!!!!!!

"Curbed published a tip in January suggesting that the building now rising will be six stories, which The Observer has confirmed with an executive from the Related Companies this afternoon. We also learned that the lobby, as the relatively squat structure is being called, will feature two full-floor duplex units, starting on the third floor and rising to the sixth."

Scheduled to begin showing in August. But only showing to friends and family at the moment. Please contact me if you have any questions about buying or renting.

Do friends get a discount?

I think the more important question is if buyers get a discount at the soon-to-open McDonald's next door.

Jafar man...I'm guessing you aren't friends and family? Why should we contact you then....

The upper portion of the building has been gutted and re-designed. In addition, majority of the unsold units have been combined to create significantly large layouts. If you pass by on a rather sunny day, you could see the ongoing construction and materials. They are also renovating the amenity spaces and the lobby. To obtain more concrete information, you can check Related's website every week or so. Anticipated opening is in August, prices from $10M.
The highly anticipated Toy Building, which is fairly close, has been doing very well and even though prices, layouts or floor plans haven't been determined yet. People are flocking their sales office as if it's for free! Therefore, 1 Madison Park should also do rather well if the renovations are up to par. With Related in charge, it certainly should be.

It's on the market officially. Few units are still available.

What a coincidence, few units have closed.


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