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The Saint


DO NOT rent an apartment in this building. Everything breaks down and it's impossible to get it fixed within reasonable time. The hot water system broke down six times during the winter and it took several days for someone to fix it every single time. The building is always dirty and smells bad. Don't think anything that's promised to get fixed by the time you move in will actually get fixed. Definitely not recommended! Can't wait for my lease to end!

Were you expecting something different in an East Village rental?

Wow - sounds like The Saint needs some prayers!

Where's Roger Moore when you need him ?

Don't know, but if you see him, please tell him I said Halo...

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Truth: I'll always remember the show opening of that stick figure with the halo from when I was a kid - nearly half a century ago...

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It's Timestamp Sybil!

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Yes, Truth - I was wondering where you were. Hope all is well; hopefully the winter will wind down shortly. Only two weeks to Spring (can't come soon enough!)

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Ah, Truth's version of "what I did on my summer vacation". Seriously, who cares?

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And nobody cares about what the hell you're doing on your "summer vacation". Seriously.

You are totally pathetic

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That's some whirlwind tour - I have jet lag just reading about it! Don't know how you do it. The two crazy canines & myself are doing OK; many thanks for asking. Wasn't a good day here for the dog park, though.

Have a safe trip back from down under, & all points forward afterwards.

Mrs. Stahl's Knishally Yours,


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...& to think my most recent & farthest journey south was to a birthday breakfast at Fort Hamilton. Well, at least it's on the west coast (of Brooklyn, anyway!)

Compared to your travels, my life is indeed bora-boring. I've heard nothing but good things about Australia - to think that even kangaroos have prosthetic legs & carry guns in their pouches! Amazing! Indeed, if the country were a movie it'd be worthy of an Oscar...

Seriously, though: It all sounds GREAT!!! Have a great time as well.


Your life is so excellent. We are so envious, when we're all not not drunk, of course.

Please do tell more. We are all stuck here in our modern-day workhouses and cubicles. The vicarious happiness you provide is all we have.

I am sure you are surrounded by stars, as usual...pls divulge delicious details. Stop starving us!

And your boyfriend. Obviously he's filthy rich, and probably famous. Pls provide a tidbit or two for us plebes.

We hunger to know of your excellent life.


OK. I understand you value your privacy and that of all the stars you are constantly surrounded mby.

Pls, tho, at least tell us about scuba diving the great barrier reef with Jerry Garcia.

Cmon, girl, give us something!


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