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Midtown East or Sutton Place?


Which area is preferred for a rental for 2 years? My office is on Park Ave, wife mostly home with kids. Need a real 2 bedroom. Thanks for your ideas.

I work for MPI, a managment company I have 3 real two bedroom units on 34th Street if you are interested. Feel free to email me at

Thank you,

I think Sutton Place is more kids-friendly and has a more residential feel than midtown east.

Seems like the big Glenwood building at the corner of 56th and 2nd might work - well maintained, centrally located and the driveway, which would make getting in and out of cabs/cars easier with kids. Not as upscale as Sutton proper, but some big floorplans and first rate management. Could also try Bamford, on 56th about halfway down the block - also a Glenwood building, I think - many units have small outside space and there is a decent looking gym on the roof. This building would may quieter than the one on the corner, because it is farther from 2nd Ave.

I would rent in UES. Close to the Park, safe, good schools.

undyingluv, were you suggesting the OP rent the $21K apartment or the $32K apartment there?

Disclaimer: I don't like either of the two options here.

Now, if you want to feel like you live in NYC, there are some parts of midtown East that can be interesting. There are some interesting blocks between Lex and 5th, and anything near Park Ave below 41st would be highly kid and stroller friendly.

By contrast, if you enjoy a relatively quiet neighborhoody area with trees and old people, then Sutton is it.

If you have kids, the old guard will probably not let you rent in Sutton place.

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Sorry, correction:

The yearly gross salary requirement for anyone under 35 will be 75x instead of 45x.

> nyc212
> This is ridiculous, and incorrect.

Oh, okay. I luuuuuv Sutton and young people are dying to live there (said without emotions, with a blank stare...).

Jim Hones, how old are you?

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@ Jim Jones ... got any KOOLAID ?

go UES

see to rent directly from bldg owners--without scum rental broker

or give hones a call!! drink his kool aid!!

>He's 17.

Oh, I thought older because of his comments about the age of Sutton Place.
Can't wait till I turn 17.

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Jim was your child born in the U.S.?

The budget is $100k for the year, so happy to work with a broker if the fees fit in that budget. No Fee buildings are fine too but they have to be in good condition, stainless appliances, no parquet floors, etc. Nothing that looks like it was a rent control tenant just cleaned up for 5-10x higher rent.

Jim/columbiacounty was your child born in the U.S.?

another post from huntersburg.

why are you hiding?

aren't you proud?

Same sh1t


another post from huntersburg.

why are you hiding?

aren't you proud?

C0C0, if the OP is in Midtown East or Sutton Place, would he take the Taconic to reach C0lumbia C0unty, and swerve to avoid your deer?

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We have settled on a couple options in Sutton Place south of our budget.

Sutton Place, good pick, but how old are your kids and did you look at the Upper East Side?


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