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I was considering renting in this building, but I'm wondering if it's worth to pay $2,800 for a 1-bedroom in a building that has many low income apartments and with shared laundry room and amenities. Anybody has moved there and can share his experience?

Price seems right, but you need to be aware that you are quite far from the L (maybe 15 minute walk) and shopping, etc. Really depends what you are looking for. It would not be my first choice in Bburg because of the location.

Yes, subway is a bit far. Have you considered that you need to share the few amenities with the low-income apartments, including the small gym, a laundry room in the basement and the part time dorman? I'm considering paying few dollars more and renting in real luxury building like Edge, Nortshide Piers or 80 Metropolitan.
I visited 15 Dunham, but I wanna to go back after the affordable units are occupied to see how crowded is the building.

Not sure what the correlation between income level and amenity use is. If over-usage of amenities is a consideration I would worry more about the Edge, which is like a frat in the summer. And luxury units have washer/driers in unit.

Is there a reason you are only looking along the waterfront? Maybe you should indicate what you want in a building and what you want near you? Bburg is huge and there are lots of different types of places. Along the water is extremely and ever more gentrifying.

Of those listed I would choose 80 Met.

Well,I don't consider affordable developments attractive if I have to pay the same rents of luxury buildings, especially if the few amenities are shared. Thank you for your feedback, yes I like the waterfront despite the gentrification, I feel that I'm in the city but without the chaos of Manhattan.On weekdays the waterfront is very quiet.

Fair enough, waterfront is very nice. There is also a new rental next to northern piers ( or whatever it is called). Also loads of places near te park. I would choose any of these over the places further down kent. Good luck!

the edge also has lottery apartments in it. in fact a felon was just charged for a hit and run and turns out.... he lived in the edge.

everyone at dunham seems normal, I live here.

Thanks, but there are no low or middle income apartment at Edge or Northside Piers Condominiums. you are probably refering to the affordable housing built next door by the same developer. They have separated entrances,different addresses and no amenities are shared. Lottery process for Dunham will be completed soon, I'm curious to see if the building changes once 100% occupancy is reached.

I'm moving into 15 Dunham Place next week - but I'm an affordable tenant (I'm 34 y/o only make 79k and will be renting a studio for $1492.) That being said, I promise not to abuse my privilege of sharing the amenities among such royalty as yourself.

I'm glad for you mrm, my salary and age is not very different, one more reason for not considering attractive this kind of mixed development since I'm supposed to pay more to get the same things than others are paying much less only because blessed by a lottery.

I've lived in 15 Dunham for about 6 months, and there are a few shenanigans, but I think it would be hard to pin them on a particular subgroup of tenants. I think it's more likely that a few individual morons are causing trouble for everyone else by doing things like breaking bottles on the terrace and not cleaning up after their dogs.

Management is friendly enough, but a little slow to address some issues. The parking garage, for example, has had its opening delayed multiple times and is still not open. Same with the building storage units. And they've layered restriction after restriction on the terrace to try to deal with the aforementioned idiots, but I think it's really just annoying the rest of us.

Still, overall a good building. Great location if you don't mind the walk to the subway, generally nice people in the building, and good apartment layouts (walk-in closets!) and finishes.

I know this is way late, but martintop, nobody would have wanted your racist ass in the building anyway, so glad you decided not to go for it. :)

Can anyone update on how things are going as of late? Viewing a unit in the apt this evening and can't wait to see it!

We're about to sign a lease tomorrow! Does anyone know if they cleaned up the toxic spill that was supposedly below the building when it was built? Is there still affordable housing in the building?

I'm moving out of the building and the city now, so here's my final $.02: it's still a good building, but management has continued to tighten up on everything, so that dogs are now banned from all common areas, moving is disallowed on the weekends, most of the parking spaces are empty because the rates are too high ($300/mo), and the super has gotten progressively crankier and less accommodating. He will no longer open doors for locked out tenants after 9pm, for example - the instruction is "call a locksmith". "Service" in general is not a concept that appears to be in C&C Management's vocabulary.

Also, rents were increased by the maximum amount allowed under rent stabilization laws and are now too high for what you get, in my opinion. If I wanted to spend $3300 for a 1BR, I could get a building with better management closer to the subway.


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