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56 leonard Street -desirable location?

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I wrote this earlier but did not get posted for some reason. I was just wondering if this building is in a desirable location in Tribeca. I like Tribeca but this part of Church Street seems like it's no man's land, convenient to nothing.

It's not 'prime' TriBeCa, but is pretty darn close.

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The area has a Chinatown or "Civic Center" feel. Not at all Tribeca. But agree with greensdale that it will create its own draw. Another luxe condo is planned for 346 Broadway - right around the corner.

It is west of church. So certainly prime. Close to subway. Close to TriBeCa grand. Apts look beautiful but not sure I am a fan of this type of architecture.

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Eyesore alert! What a monstrosity on the outside. And on the inside -- the now-obligatory and trendy but inadequately-sized "great room" so you can pay a fortune to live in what amounts to a wigwam. I saw one floor plan with a windowless space labeled "bedroom gallery" -- that is, no windows in the space but someone will stick their child in there and use it as an illegal bedroom. It is beyond how some folks will line up to pay for this dreck but perhaps I am just feeling more than ordinarily curmudgeonly this morning. And I am forgetting, of course, that it was designed by prize-winning architects, so it must be good.

My take on these great rooms is that they are proportionately small scale given the size of the apartments. When you subtract the kitchen and island and the large architectural columns, the usable living/dining space is not generous at all.

Great news for ps 234. It is only 30% oversubscribed right now.

malthus, not that i am a likely buyer but people who will buy in this building will not care about public schools.

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apt23, Do you mean that families paying $3000 per sq ft must be stretched financially? My take is that most people who pay $3000 per sq ft have plenty of money remaining to burn. Hence no consideration of public school. Otherwise, no one will buy on CPS.

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