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Storage for staging purposes


I'm planning to list my apartment in about a month and need to put a few things in storage to declutter while it's listed. Just a couple easy chairs and some boxes. I was thinking about doing this myself (with husband's help) by getting a moving van & using self-storage, most likely outside of Manhattan, to keep costs down as we will need the storage for at least 6 months. Someone suggested I use a moving service, but I don't think I have enough stuff for the convenience to outweigh the cost. Anyway, if anyone has a different idea or suggestion for services to use, please let me know. Thanks!

Many storage places offer 1 free move when you rent the unit. I've never used it but you can ask. If you don't get a free move, I can highly recommend Movers & Shakers in Brooklyn. They've done several moves for us -- big, small, long-distance, local -- and they're great.

There's a storage place in College Point that I've seen from the inside. It's immaculate. It's right next to the Home Depot.

I never heard about a free move, good to know! Thank you for the suggestions!

Sorry, I messed up the name of the movers -- it's "Movers Not Shakers." I saw the name on their truck about 5 years ago and I remembered it when we needed a mover not long afterwards. They did a multi-state move to multiple locations in NYC (don't ask!) -- showed up at 8 AM about 150 miles from NYC, got everything done efficiently and professionally and stayed completely within the original estimated price. They recently moved a small load to a storage space for a family member and it was an equally fine experience.

I'll look into Movers not Shakers (lol great name) for the big move, when we move into the next place. Probably will go for the free move for the imminent mini-move. Thanks again!


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