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BK almost $1k/sq ft - Wall St @ highs ...


VIX collapsing, flippers asking 20% in less than 6 months...

Here we go again...?

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Well maybe you are right but all the fairly new luxury buildings downtown seem to have inventory and a lot of them are over 100 days which they sometimes they change to rentals - also the ones in contract stay in contract for months and months.

Maybe there is a rush to buy, but a lot of the below seem to have some shuffling going from sale to rental to sale again. There is buying and selling as I have been watching since the summer but also a lot of the apartments listed are ones I saw in September. Today street easy shows 7 new listed and 1 sold. Does anyone understand how the sponsors aren't hurting from the carrying costs when they have had them for years. Any answers? Do they write off carrying costs?

Beaver House
Sales listings: 15 active,
Rentals listings: 31 active, 3

99 John Street
Sales listings: 21 active,
Rentals listings: 26 active

80 Greenwich
Sales listings: 20 active,
Rentals listings: 50 active,

75 Wall
Sales listings: 35 active,
Rentals listings: 24 active

40 Broad
Sales listings: 18 active, 7
Rentals listings: 18 active,

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