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Listing No Longer Available


What does "Listing No Longer Available" mean. The co op went into contract in and I was watching to see what the sales prices was. Today it says "Listing No Longer Available" and no sales price.

Went into contract in January I should have said.

There've been previous threads on SE regarding this topic. Try the search as there could be more than one reason for "Listing No Longer Available".

Such as?

Becasue it takes time for the sale to finalize and be recorded. Usually a gap of a few months. Then you can see how you were outbid by! (Which is always interesting).

If it went into contract January it likely has not closed yet. Keep an eye out--it may take another month or so to see a sales result.

Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to see. Who got it for what. But usually the price is listed + or - listing, but here it just says listing no longer available no sales price. So either it was taken off market as sometimes happens. I am dying to know because I gave good offer and I think they got very greedy. Happened before. In 2008 offered 560k for a studio on Beekman place. It finally sold in 2012 for 415k. Agent said at the time that they had a "cash" sale so rejected my offer.

If it was a cash deal you may not see the sale price on SE.

Really? Cash sales don't show up? First time I hear this?

That's because it's not true. NYC and NYS collect transfer taxes on sales, so each sale is recorded on ACRIS. Doesn't matter where the money came from. If the sale was for $0, e.g. for a transfer between spouses or related entities, it's still recorded.

The activity you see on SE comes from either the broker's system or from ACRIS. The broker flips a switch that triggers "Listing entered contract" or "Listing no longer available". It's just a status.

Months later, if the sale closed, SE matches the ACRIS sale data to the listing.

The typical sequence is

Listing entered contract
Listing sold
Sale recorded for $x

But could be "Listing no longer available" instead of "Listing entered contract".

Or the broker could've used "Listing no longer available" to mean it's just off the market.

Sure it's recorded on ACRIS but for some reason it doesn't always show up on SE. Don't know why, but I have seen that here before. Only on cash deals.

When you see a sale on ACRIS that isn't on SE, you could let SE know. The city could've misrecorded the address or something, and SE would have it floating in limbo, unattached to a listing or building.

How about a sale that, even after 6 months, has not shown up on ACRIS? Why does that happen? A data inputting error? BTW, I looked by Parcel and by name (using the name of the seller which was obtained from the ACRIS record when they purchased).


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