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Help...Kitchen Island / WorkStation Solution


need ideas please.. just purchased studio for niece while sehll be in school here in city..

since a studio we want to knock down kitchen wall and add island where she can eat, but also work/study from home ...

any island countertops out there that will comfortable seat 4 or so when having guests over, but can easily also double as a full time laptop workstation??

may look weird but who cares, so long as functions for both purposes.. thanks

Without a floorplan, tough to say. But in theory, a custom top is of course possible. Off the shelf item (Home Depot, etc...) might be tougher to find depending on layout.

Also make sure the wall is not load bearing, then you have to run wires for outlets and lights. The floor will probably have to be looked at too if that's the case.

Every shelter magazine in America publishes photos of these every month. I'm sure you can find them on the internet too. You can put cabinets together with a customer countertop on top. You can make the kitchen side of the countertop higher and the opposite lower so people can sit on regular chairs on the side that's away from the kitchen. You can basically do anything you want. You just have to talk to a contractor. Some cabinet companies sell stock kitchen islands. You'll have to look at their websites or go to a kitchen design store. If you post this query on or the GardenWeb kitchen forum, you'll get many answers.

sorry -- that's "custom countertop on top."

thank you both.. wanted to avoid the custom route, have yet to see a stock version of this but i will keep digging

Google John Boos, Hickory Chair. Also look on


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