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One Morningside Park


What do you think about pricing for this building , 1 br from 630k and 2 br from 1.2 mln?

Central Harlem seems like a real misnomer; it's really Central Park North. Under those criterion, the pricing doesn't seem too bad.

It's a half block or so away from Central even if the label was used of Central Park North on 110th street along the park- this building would be ever so slightly off to be considered CPN. Some may see that is a technicality- but I guess it's a matter of perspective. Regardless- it's an easy justification by the developer to ask the prices they are asking. As long as Morningside Park stays clear this summer from violence, then I think the developer will do very well. Overall Morningside Park has been improving and I think it will continue to do so.

Anybody has pricing for 23 west 116th str? new construction by L+M?

which one is better for investement 1 br or 2 br?


I've seen floor plans of 23 West 116th St through the listing agent. She gave me a sneak peak. The layouts are going to be generous.

One Morningside Park. It's a much better location. Being close to two parks is a premium in this city.

watch out for the developer, the offering plan is very shady by the sound of it. Look at comments in

Just got told they will begin selling some apartments shortly. 3 bedrooms are priced from 1.9m to 2.3m.

1bdrm about 800k

how big the 3 bedrooms will be? do you know price per square foot approximately? for one morningside park or for 23 west 116th street?

23 w 116 is a joke. the local guys already took back the night, even on fred doug ave, it's like war zone at night

that's not true , the area is getting better....
40 west 116th str - Kalahari building, is extremely nice with lots of amentities,
2 br 2 ba used to be 620k-670k , 5 years ago , and now 2 nd and 3rd floor were sold for 750 k , you can rent it out for 3200/mo , with tax abatement for 25 y... go find better price in Manhattan , 5 blocks from central park ! NYC!!!!How many central parks you going to have?

or you think its better to buy 1 br cell 620 sq ft for 818k in a buiding with no garage and without basic amentities ( one morningside) ?

not many people need those amentities. walking through 6 filthy blocks to a park is not the best option

may be you don't need it because you don't have a car , kids and you dont need to go to gym

or because you want to have 620 sqft for the money that will buy 1300 sq ft in Kalahari and still have a project next door and criminal and filthy morningside park?

1280 fifth ave /one museum mile is even better choice for better money and much better quality ! And they can not sell it any way......

818k for 620 sq ft 1 br @ one morninside park ??????? In Harlem? lets see how many years it will take for them to sell the building?

To say Morningside Park is criminal and filthy is just inacurate. I walk the length of the park every day.

Most dangerous place in most dangerous city- read the article

is parking in kalahari free with each unit?

anyway, i think there's no project around morningside park, but a lot around kalahari .......

I think 1280 is already 80% sold.. we were just there over the weekend...

But with NYC ending stop and frisk, probably all the parks in NYC will become more dangerous, no?

it took for them 3 years to sell 80%

NYC will not end stop and frisk - I think it will be modified to have the appropriate controls in place.

Not before the crime rate goes up and we have more shootings and's a slippery slope and none of the mayoral candidates will be equipped to handle it.

just stop and search all those junkies, they don't need any rights

Many of the apartments are over $1400 per square foot. If the developers can get that, there will be many new developments built all along 110th Street. The asking prices are very high, though. The building technically is not on CPN.

Anyone have any experience with the developer - Artimus Construction?

Atriums pretty much redid that part of Harlem. Saha 118, Brownstonelane, the newest condo on 110 and renovated many Buildings in the neighborhood. The only construction prob I know of is theRosa Parks condo. Many problems with leaks.

@muromec, 1280s first closing was April 2012. Now80% closed or in contract. So, a year and a half, not three, to get to 80%.

@Roger10026, I agree. It seems like One Morningside is selling well given that a bunch are in contract and if they are anywhere near the offering price, CPN is going to populate with lots of new condos. One Morningside is pricey but low carrying costs and you could always rent to Columbia students.

does anyone know what price pst these are really going into contract at?

jm,1280- they started selling it 2011, you can check this site for recorded sales as you probably aware

no neg for one msp

muromec, I see the 2011 sales, but when you click on the docs tab that corresponds with the sales, all the 2011 "sales" show docs for 2012. So I don't think those 2011 sales are valid. I know they fired the first realtors in late 2011 and hired Core in Dec 2011. For all intents and purposes, the sales effort started early 2012, so it's been a year and a half to get to roughly 80%.

Don't think I believe no neg for one msp.

Email from them - No negotiation plus buyer handles closing costs.




NEW YORK, NY 10022

Not buying it.

Just a thought, but I wonder what the new owners next door at 250 think about this? Note to myself; never buy next to a vacant lot.

The 250 owners aren't any worse off than they were before. They'll continue to enjoy airshaft-tenement life, with garbage flying by, intimate acquaintance with neighbors' lives, and so on.

This 240 condo is at the corner of 110th. It'll overhang the next building, 246, by 20 feet. (240 bought 246's air rights.) Then comes 250, and then two more 40'-wide tenement buildings, which takes you to 111th.

240's website doesn't say anything about how people sign up for the lottery for the 14 low-income units.

Comment removed.

Sound reverberates in those long narrow courtyards between the buildings. The garbage I remember from time in a similar building on Second Avenue in the 80s. Maybe they're tidier on 110th.

how are the sales going....? lower-priced apt are mostly in contract.....

> One Morningside Park. It's a much better location. Being close to two parks is a premium in this city.

sorry, but the retail in that area seriously sucks. to consider "close to the park" as a plus above 96th in a vacuum doesn't work.

Amazingly I've been told that this building is sold out!

looks ugly

for 1.6-2.1 mln ?

For the high priced psf for one morningside park - I think the buildings bordering northern central park presents way much better upside in the long run.

after 30 apts being in contract looks like the sale is slowing down..... 39 more units to go!
and all expensive units.......lets see...

Wow, all these sales and not a single floor plan to be seen!

34 apt in contract out of 55 ... an other 14 apt will be affordable i think (lottery) 21 more apt to go at 1.6 mln for 2 br 2 ba!!

just one apt sold over the last 2 wks... looks like sales are slowing down..... especially with 2 br 2ba 1150 sq ft priced above 1.6 mln.... whats next?

Lottery? Where did you see that?

also interested where can I apply for affordable units in this building ,
its not listed on

don't really like the location, too much traffic/noise on 110th.

little /none of amenities,
no garage

small windows and boring exterior...

all you can have for 1.7-2.2 mln!

you can buy for the same or even less money One Riverside Park/50 Ruverside blvd

I will wait for construction to be completed before making a final judgment but based on what's there now, I agree that the exterior is boring and the windows are small. I'm disappointed that Artimus won the bid for the lot at 110th and CPN (where the gas station was); I haven't seen any of their interiors but the exteriors of their projects have been bland / uninspiring / cookie-clutter-ish. The materials they use look cheap. I'm not hopeful for 110 and CPN but hope I'm wrong and will gladly eat my words.

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Anyone know when closings will start here? What's your opinion of this building?

Has anyone ever seen a floorplan??? How can you sell w/o floorplans?

The plans are at

You can see why they wouldn't be part of the marketing, as the rooms are very small. Not just the 14 low-income units, but all of them.

Hi NWT. I don't actually see any floorplans in your link.

Scroll to the bottom and click the "View Document" button.


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