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Best Building Pools


Got to check out the New York by Gehry building, what an awesome pool.

Any other great pools in this town for residents only? And in great, not necessarily meaning olympic, only pretty, well-lit, open, comfortable, cool, view, etc... just a nice place to spend time (and no major crowds).

I know the solow building at 66th has one, a little dated but cool views. The building at park and 22 is decent, but a crappy building. Zeckendorf is a little dated too...

the Laurel . . . 400 E 67th St

3 Lincoln Center has a nice pool, 60 feet long which is a little bigger than most condos.

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why do you say the building on 22nd and Park Ave South is crappy?

The Alfred on w/61st has a nice pool and racquet ball court.

515 east 72nd street. Beautiful well maintained, high ceilings and with windows on two sides looking out at the garden in back

170 East 87th Street, the Gotham

For a list of Upper East Side condos with pools you can visit this resource:

Just click the 'pools' check-box on the side.

"why do you say the building on 22nd and Park Ave South is crappy?"

Ugly apartments, crappy construction, was not at all well maintained. I saw two places and just couldn't live in them no matter how good the pool.

"170 East 87th Street, the Gotham"

Pool looks dark and cramped. Makes a case for the worst pool in NYC.

515 looks prett nice.

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515 is a unique building, location notwithstanding.

how about sessanta?


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