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Mortgage Laws - where to find them?


Hi all,

I've recently had a lot of stress from the bank trying to scam money from me. It seems the system is set up to try and trap borrowers when they are most vulnerable. I just rec'd a rate lock confirmation by the bank with the wrong date on it. We locked in over a month ago and this document came in after our proposed closing date.

Is there a legal time frame for receiving this document?

Does anyone know a good resource for mortgage laws or borrowers rights?

Thanks so much.

Monas: I noticed you solicited a lot of input from the Streeteasy community on different threads. I think the best course of action is to contact your attorney. In one of your posts you suggested that your current attorney has a relationship with the lender. Obtain a new one. Unfortunately, it seems you are in a bind and are running out of time. You'll need some hand holding throughout the process with a good attorney. I'm not sure anyone on here can resolve your issues efficiently and effectively.

You need an excellent real estate attorney.

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I agree with the other comments, but in the meantime, have you tried:

What is your question? What is the "trap?"


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