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241 5th Avenue


Anyone with knowledge of this development? Great location, and love the development. It's almost done from the outside, but their broker Core keeps saying it's going to be ready by September, but that seems completely unrealistic at this point.

The condo plan has not even been declared effective yet even though supposedly 80% of the apartments have been sold, tax lots have not been assessed or revised, let alone the back and forth required for the temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

Any one with experience with new developments who can comment on this? And whether the brokers at Core are just blowing smoke on timing?


I heard closing notices started going out this week. Closings in mid to end of sept.

GGman, thanks, but how can they send out closing notices without receiving a TCO?

Probably caveat that closing contingent on those items and adjourn otherwise.

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Are you referring to the 239 house number? The house number range for the 241 fifth tax block is 239-241. Same building. The link just shows the beginning of the range.

Ggman, thanks! Does the TCO apply to all floors or just a few?

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@somewhereelse: 239-241 is between 27th and 28th. Thats 241 fifth ave. There is no sign on it because its near completion. The one with the sign on between 24th and 25th is 10 msw and thats scheduled to be complete next year.

@bmwbmw: looks like TCO is only for basement up to 15th floor. Unless you are buying the penthouse all the available units on streeteasy is probably covered.


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