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window treatments - who is responsible landlord or tenant?


my condo is brand new and has two windows. I'm trying to rent it out but it currently does not have any curtains or blinds. Should I install them for tenant or is tenant responsible? What is the norm? Should I just do simple blinds or should I put some tasteful curtain as well? Anything else I should provide to the tenant like shoe rack, etc. And no, this is not intended to be furnished rental. Just wanted to know some minimum items the apartment should include. Thanks!

Yes absolutely I would get the nicest and most expensive window treatment on the market. Not sure about the shoe rack but you should stack the refrigerator with imported beer wine, fine cheeses etc. Next you should also prepay con ed bill for the year. Throwing in a few Broadway tickets would be a nice touch as well. Offer to pay move in expenses as well as the first 6 months of rent. Let me think of a few other things and I'll get back to you.

If you leave it to your tenants, they are likely to massacre the walls/window frames handing stuff. You might minimize repairs later by just putting up something now. I don't believe there is a "norm."

There should be blinds or curtains.

blingbling - we put in blinds and built in lighting before we rented out. agree with kylewest. since you own the apt, you don't want your drill-wielding tenant to damage the walls (your walls). doesn't need to be fancy.

I would not put up blinds or window treatments for a tentant. you are asking for problems in 6 months when they call and tell you the blinds are broken and they need them replaced. If damage is done to the walls by a drill-wielding tenant, that is what a security deposit is for. I have been renting out investment properties for the last 15 years and have found you should just provide the basics, less is more.

It's all according to the price.

Rental buildings do put up at least blinds and a that's the competition. I think they are not a hefty investment, prevent the "drill-wielding", and compare with most rental options.

There is a standard: Simple blinds are totally expected in decent rentals.

thanks everyone for your feedback, sounds like blinds are standards for rentals.

landlord 321 is right.


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