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brooklyn coops


are they any more reasonable with financial requirements than manhattan coops? examples? thanks

it depends on the location. the more "prime" you get, Brooklyn Heights, North Slope, the more they behave as if you're in Manhattan.

Yes, much more reasonable.

Much more reasonable but can vary greatly depending on individual co-op. That said in many I have looked into they do not have the strict guidelines of 1-2 years housing payments post closing in liquid assets but some are moving in that direction because of the demand.

Define "reasonable" and "behave as if you're in Manhattan".

ALL co-ops (regardless of neighborhood or borough) have minimal standards that must be met by applicants. Just because the building happens to be in Brooklyn doesn't mean you're going to get a bunch of crunchy granola free spirits who eschew the notion of fiduciary responsibility.

dude, promise you wont blow up? ok then youre in!

If the bank will give you a loan and you seem like you'd make a good neighbor, you'll have nothing to worry about.


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