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How much to tip doormen?


How much do you tip your doormen? How about other staff such as porters and supers?

Do you have to tip them?

Hehe. I found "some advice": (but not much really as $20-500, is not really advice).

doormen $100 each and super $150. garage attendants $50 each. does that sound right?

$100!!! are you crazy??? $25-50. for $100, i'll open your door :-)

i gave $75 to my 3 doormen and $150 to my super. they're pretty helpful and they don't make so much money.

$100 per doorman, $150 to the super - total of about $1500 - ouch.

We're talking at Christmas, right? Or is that per month?

Judging from the date, I'd say this was a xmas discussion ;-)

per month or per year ?

per year. unless you require an extraordinary level of service :-()

Hi, great webpage you are richi ricon? :p)

an old man in our condo died last month. very sad. he was a nice man. the super removed his body with the coroner which was sitting around a few days. how much do you tip for that service?

Still $100 . Per year .

And hopefully the doorman's union isn't monitoring this site. :)

If you own your apt how much you need to tip?

I never tip the Super-80K salary, apartment with utilities and cable etc paid for

Building staff are hard working people. Generally, they are underpayed. They deserve a generous xmas tip. Just let your gut guide you as to how much they deserve.

I seriously doubt supers make $80K. The fact is that it is expected that they will receive a portion of their compensation in annual tips.

My doorman does nothing but sit behind a desk and say...everyday..."hello, how was your day today?" He will get $10 and that's if he's lucky

I have always tipped the doormen and supers whether renting or owning. The fact is that they expect it to some degree - that of course depends on the building. If your super is helpful and the doormen are at least nice, it pays to give them something if youi can afford it.

My super and the doormans are super niece is 100 for the super too much? and 50 for the doormans? 35 for Maint. people?


People doubting Super salary have never read a building offering plan or owned a condo in Manhattan-all these details are listed there. In a luxury building Super gets 80K and all expenses paid apartment

Believe it or not, there is a website for NYC supers. Although not stating what the asalary range is, it does provide: "salaries for supers vary as much as building sizes, and depend on lots of factors, including description of duties and responsibilities, number of other staff, whether or not it's a unionized building, whether it's self-managed or by a professional management firm, etc."

I don't think $100 is too much. I would give the doormen and maintenance people about the same though - just personal preference.

My super makes out pretty well; I have a feeling he skim money off the work I give him. The people you should take care is the doorman and porters. They make around $35k a year. I will give them $100 each this year, but my building is small (60 apartments). I will probably give less if there is more staff.

heard if u own, min $50 for all buidling staff incl super . anything above is a bonus based on personal opinion on how good the service is.
if u rent, it becomes optional and there's no ' minimum'.

general rule is that if you have a condo you pay an extra month's maintenance, split among staff.

ok - but my building is large. there is at least 15 doormen, and 15 handymen/porters/etc, and one super. do i really tip each doorman $20-100? that seems crazy.

Usually, big buildings with large staff pool contributions. You can give a couple hundred dollars to the pool.

don't tip them anything, they get paid too much for sitting there scratching their balls anyway.

I wanted to sell my coop apartment and before listing it with a broker I told everyone I know about my intentions. A doorman in my building got me a buyer in less than a week! Not bad for someone "sitting there scratching their balls anyway". It pays to have them on your side.

Not sure I agree with the person saying you take a month's condo fee and split it. We pay $1000 condo fee and only have a super and not other staff. I am not giving him $1000.

What if you are a renter? Do the same rules apply?

We always tipped as renters - usually $150 to the super and anywhere between $50 and $100 to the doormen and porters. We now own and will use similar guidelines. Hate to say it, but if we were moving soon after the holidays, that may have lowered the tips.

I’m a doorman in one of those big buildings on the westside(160 apartments) I’m also union just like the super is and i can say we are underpay. i just started making about 400 dollars a week after taxes and this is because i had to go to the union 2X and let the landlord know I read the union contract!

To those who think we scratch our balls 8 hours a day, think twice. sometimes we have to deal with such much stress in and out, it feels more like the ER. This is because you have to take in consideration that not every one is in the same mood mode and that they feel they can come and pick on the little man, just because the heat is not enough or that the pizza guy was not nice to you. Plus many other small services we do for the tenants such as; wet your plants when you go away, turn the lights off (for your apartments on the weekend), help you with the elevator, the small therapy we give you when things are not so great on your life and many other little things that we do all year around.

To those who wants to know how much the should tip, it all depends how much the doorman does for you, but something around 30-80 dollars to a full time doorman is really appreciated. if you live in a white gloves building you should tip around 100 dollars.

I know how much the union guys in our building are paid and how many weeks vacation they get. If you're making $400/week (which I doubt, unless you work part-time) you're practically not paying taxes, so please don't give us crap.

The last comment is proof there are a lot of idiots on this bullentin. Doorman and porters make very little money compare to most residents. They are under union contract, which I believe starts at $30k and capped at $40k. If you make $30k divided by 52 weeks minus taxes, benefits cost, 401k contribution, you definitely get $400 a week. I think vacation starts at 2 weeks.

Tipping is a bad practice. It promotes greed with no end. People who don't tip the doorman are deemed "mean" "cheap". Service people tend to be mean for those who tip less. They go on strikes if they are not satisfactory with their paychecks.

Another idiot comment. If only works if the employers change the pay scale and charge the customer more. Waiters make less than minimum wage under the current method.

It depends how big your building is and how many doormen are on staff. My building has 10 full time doormen. I am giving them $40 each. If my building only had 4 or 5 doormen I would give them $80 each. Why should I have to spend more b/c of a larger staff. P.S. My building is run like crap (444 E82).

Whoever said tipping "is a bad practice" must be either (1) one of the many people with nothing better to do than post stupid comments on this site with a goal towards getting people to react, or (2) just so clueless that they have no idea how cheap they are and how people do not like them. Tips in our society are a part of many professions. That will not change, so either accept it or move to a building with no staff and never go out to eat. If you do not have the money to tip, that is one thing. But if you do have the money and just chose not to, you are the greedy person.

I moved in my building 5 months ago and I still don’t know all the staff that works there (I know their faces but now only one or two by name). We have apparently over 25 staff members between porters, concierge and cleaning people. I was wondering if its ok if I order a nice big basket with cookies and sweets instead of giving all of them money; and quite frankly I can’t spend 500 or more dollars for tips at this moment.

Q. What if you're having a tough time financially this year? Should you explain it?

A. No, you don't owe it to your doorman to explain that you just lost your job or filed bankruptcy. Instead, try to say thank you in a way that you can afford. Maybe you can offer to tutor a child in math or chess. Maybe you can offer baby-sitting services. If the person who went above and beyond to help you works for a company, write a letter to his or her employer detailing their great effort. To some people, tips like these are even more meaningful than money because they show you took some extra care or thought.

Newspaper deliverer: $10 to $30.

Super: $25 to $100.

Doorman: $10 to $80.

Handyman: $15 to $40.,49452

I'm a renter who just got the who-works-in-your-building letter and apparently I have 2 supers that I have never seen or had any interaction with. I was planing on tipping the doormen and porters, but if I tip the super it will take money away from the others I deal with everyday which seems unfair. What would be my rational for tipping these supers?

I just moved into a place at the start of the month. Is it reasonable to not tip since I've been there less than a month. Seems awkward to give something tiny for less than a month and also odd to give a big tip for less than a month.

I thought the same about moving in at the end of the year and not giving tips (or large tips), but I now look at it as tipping for furture good work/assistance. We moved into our place in July and I will give the super a full tip because he will help us out all through the year and a gesture of good will will hopefully result in good work and help when needed. If you do not rely on your super for much (we use him to paint and do handy work - which we pay him well for), then you don't need to "tip ahead" much. We also own if that makes a difference.

I have only lived in my building for one month. How much should I tip the doormen and super?

Large Murray Hill bldg. I am tipping doormen 50 and porters 25. I travel quite a lot, am never here on weekends and rarely ask for anything, however.

I tip 500 to the doorman I like 200 to the ones I dont and 100 to prters and staff.(300 spr)

If you have it spread it arround, you cant take it with you and the building staff works very hard, and deal witha slew of Ass holes. I think the 1-2X 1 month mt/tx is a good model as well. What goes arround comes arround in life!

it all depends on how much dirt they got on me,

the late night guys get more because they know about the whores and coke deliveries,
the weekend dudes get more also, when wifey away

Solution to all of your problems. Come to the midwest where only hotels have building staff, and your super drives around in a golf cart checking furnace filters and getting cars towed all day. Then you don't tip him at all because he got your buddy towed after that wild new years celebration.

But anyways I think a tip should always be based upon the particular relationship you have with that person unless of course tip is blatantly part of their annual income (waitresses, valets)

I tip porters and doormen between $50-$100. It depends on who went the "extra mile" during the year when and if I needed something. Everyone received a different amount this year. 12 Full-Time guys. The 2 part time guys received $35. Super got $150 and the handyman...who did a lot received $175. There are @ 300 units in my building. Also, the building DOES have one of those "pools" so you can just contribute one lump sum and they divide it by themselves. It's all relative.

For me it's all relative. Pay what you can afford and according to the relationship you have. The rent or mt. should be taken into consideration.

I'm a superintendent in Manhattan for a co-op building.
I make 70, 000 no rent or utilitys and I get cell phone paid for.

But my tenants know I save them a whole lot of money all year round they don't have to pay for a plumber, electrician or locksmith.

So I normally get from $400 to $1,000 from each apt.


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