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building at 30 West 63rd Street

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12U Gulker

Matthew Gulker cashing out paid 560,038 and selling for 1,295,000. Nice deal for promoting building the past few years. Small apartment near garbage room and elevators with no view looking for buyer.

Love how they put an ATM in the mail room, whats next-will they sell beer and wine to complete the Bodega

Esther Ackerman
Adan Eabb LLC 17cd All cash deal

JULIAN K HAHM has closed on 18VW for 2.3 and put 1.7 down sponsor to carry 600K.
Still no air conditioning in hallways. My hallway was 96 degrees yesterday. You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

Miguel Mawad bought 22CD for cash, looks like he has been flipping apartments in Miami also. Maybe he can get the building to turn the air conditioning on in the hallways. The building has been keeping them a toasty 80-90 all summer. Like they say a sucker is born every day, good luck Miguel.

I would say 80% sponsor and 20% sold , sponsor renting like crazy no sales not sure if numbers are correct but they are close. All units owned on my floor have been rented by owners

Any chance your someone else knows what the sponsor-owned percentage in this building is now?

It will be interesting to see who got taken with 22CD for this over priced pig, unit in contract.

truthskr10, you are sooo funny!!!;) Chris is right about the noise. Pls make sure your neighbor units are done.

I thought I was bad. Chris remind me not to piss you off.

4OP was a deal apartment sold in 2010 for 1,221,900 cash to KHANNA, SATYENDER D and KHANNA, KAMLESH. They have it on the market now for 3.5 Million. Unit has been used as a rental since they bought it. Problem with this unit is noise. Not only from west 63rd street but this building puts its garbage and construction waste right under this unit. So daily wake up call from the garbage trucks not to say dirty windows with not much of a view to begin with. Also you have to love dogs to live here. They are now allowed to come through main lobby and ride all elivators and running up and down the halls, joy joy. JMHO

There is noise everyday between the hours of 8am-5pm and management that will increase your rent by 20% when your lease is up (past renters have told me). Construction is bad when its next door to your unit, make sure all the units around you have been done. If you do not mind any of this then it is ok to live here.

Thoughts / comments on renting here?

8W not a new sale this was part of the deals to outsiders
8W owner was hidden in an LLC transfered to owner and a 350k TD bank loan on this unit

Owner of 8W is the owner of 14K
Euching Lin and Wayne Yang

8S sold to Samuel Caplan for 870,0000 cash deal

chris, rumor has it that it went for 880,000

8S still has not closed and it shows it rented 09/2011

I think Chris Black Of CA is the person hidden within Jamboree holdings FYI

31FGH was a cash deal hidden within Jamboree Holdings LLC - Copley Investors of Boston
4836687 cash 2064 sf
2343 psf

and kyle you are right ( but look at the trim details very poor finish if you look close, lots of wood filler used to make up for bad cuts and walls not sound proof)

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