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NYC falls behind Chicago again


NYC's decline has begun. While NYC attempted to lure the IOC to get the 2016 Olympics, it failed miserably. Chicago is the only U.S. city still in the running and the overwhelming favored city.

Chicago will be even more prestigious once the 2016 Olympics arrive.

MichaelAdam is Rufus, who was rejected by his dream school and dream city, Columbia and New York City.
He loved the city until sour grapes set in...

This is all well documented...

He is so jealous he spends all day trying to post negatively about NYC.

Man, this guy is so pathetic...

"got rejected at columbia business and am pretty devastated."

"Oh well. I have to spend an extra year in shitty Chicago and reapply for round 1 next year."

"I've been to NYC several times but haven't really partied extensively. But almost everyone I've talked to who lives there tells me how NYC is so much fun and doesn't really get boring, people are interesting, etc. To what extent is this true? What makes NYC so much more fun than other cities like LA, SF, Boston, Chicago, etc.?"

"I live in Chicago but have been to NYC quite a few times and noticed a very sharp difference in the respective social scenes. Chicago seems much more fratty and bar oriented while NYC is a bit more upscale and pretentious. The girls in NYC also dress a lot better as well. I would like to hear opinions on this subject from those of you familiar with both cities."

"Thanks for the encouragement. I'm just really bummed out since I'm 27 years old, and now is the perfect time to go. And socially, I'm extremely dissatisfied with Chicago and really want to be in NYC. I just have to improve my application for next year and hope things turn out better"

Now that he's been rejected multiple times, he's changed his story a bit.

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1. if Chicago were 1000x as prestigious as it presently is, it would still be less
than 1/10 as prestigious as the Staten Island landfill.

And I thought I was the only one to have an extreme distate for everything Chicago. Worst city ever.

Chicago is great if you're a child who wants to be shot

"Chicago is great if you're a child who wants to be shot"

... Want cheese on that?

chicago is about as relevant as des moines.

Hey what's with the Chicago bashing? The area around Wrigley is awesome. True, Chicago feels like a small town compared to NYC but that has it's positives & negatives. If I didn't live in Manhattan my next two choices in the US would be SF (second) and then Chicago (third).

1. I wouldnt even want to be buried in Chicago
2. too boring

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Personally I only would consider cities above the Mason-Dixon Line so Chicago would have to be in the running if I didn't or couldn't live in NYC.

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Jason you got me there. I love Miami.

food better in chicago if you like more working class grub but not for high end. probably better burgers, hot dogs, brats etc... chicagoans are far too unsophisticated. I grew up there and ran, screaming at age 26. I only go back for family 1-2x a year. Chicago can keep itself and its small town brain.

Chicago...happy pie faced girls who love deep dish pizza.
New York...angry skinny chicks saving all their carbs for alcohol.
Chicago...resonably priced apartments with parking, pool and gym included.
New York...2 bed, 2 bath, no dining room, 1.5MM needs gut renovation.
Chicago...quiting time 5:30PM
New York...leave your desk at 5:30 and a coworker asks if you have a dental appointment and could you bring coffee on the way back.
You tell me which city wins?

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Want cheese on that?

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Yes, in The City of Brotherly Love they make those disgusting sandwiches wit cheese.

But in Chitroit, no matter what you order, they offer to pump orange "cheese"on it. Anything, everywhere.

And that's a fact Jack.

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I have done more time in Chicago (for business and family) than I care to remember. Chicago has an excellent art museum. The other museums made us feel a little embarrassed for them. There's only so many times you can go on the architectural boat tour. They have a few/a little of everything -- decent restaurants, for example, and theaters -- but in the end there's no energy and it is so damn boring to be there for more than 24 hours -- not to mention freezing cold in the winter and stormy in all other seasons. I have lived in O'Hare Airport several times for days on end, waiting for a storm to be over. The only place where Chicago has NYC beat is that there's a beach in the middle of its "downtown". But, then again, it's a beach on Lake Michigan. And the pizza is terrible.

The pizza is truly disgusting, and is exactly what inspired the old admonition "Don't play with your food". Goopy gloppy crap.

And then there are all those pizza places there that only sell "cheese" pizza (that's what they call regular pizza) by the slice on Fridays. The rest of the time you have to get it with baloney or whatever on it.

I guess that's to make up for all the "Want cheese on that?" restaurants.

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yeah a few nice restaurants but not that many. blackbird sucked.

For art museums, I think I would still put Chicago after New York and Washington obviously, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, and maybe at the same level as Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles

Yikes! This Chicago bashing is out of control. And I wonder just how many "New Yorkers" bitching about Chicago here are true NYC natives or just re-located New York wannabes. I sense that 'pseudo New Yorker' pretension' in a number of the posts. I am a native New Yorker ( and decades long Manhattanite ) who has been living in Chicago for the past 6 years. I lived in four boroughs and,at one time or other,worked in all five. I'm in my 60's,so I think I have the experience to compare both cities objectively.
Of course,NYC is the greatest city in the world,but had I been born and raised in here, I'm sure I'd feel the same way about Chicago. Chicago is a magnificent, world class city. Yes,the sensibility is different and energy level lower, but so what ? The diversity is incredible...More languages are spoken in Chicago public school than in New York's. The statement re: the museums being embarrassing is beyond stupid. It is one of the fine dining centers of the US. Visually beautiful. Clean. Friendly people. All my friends from NYC who have visited me here think it's wonderful,and all my friends are native New Yorkers..I'll be heading back to NYC within the next few years,and I will be very happy to return home when the time comes,but I will always think Chicago is a wonderful city and be grateful for the years I got to live here.

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