New York City has the largest homeless population in the nation (6sqft) — The homeless population in New York City has climbed to 78,000, a population equivalent to the 10th largest city in the state. 

Condos in Trump buildings reportedly are selling for less than units in comparable buildings (Curbed) — A new analysis claims that properties in Trump-branded residences are less valuable than comparable luxury properties.

Residents in parts of Queens and Brooklyn are asked not to flush when it rains (New York Times)    Sewer pipes can’t handle all that additional fluid volume!

New hypothesis on the subway problem: trains are delayed because the conductors are driving slowly (The Village Voice) — Could it be so simple?

City will lead community-based initiatives to overcome local segregation (amNY) — The initiative is called “Where We Live NYC” will lead a series of conversations and community-based events to address long-standing issues of segregation throughout the city.

A French bulldog died on a flight from Houston to LaGuardia after being stowed in an overhead bin (CNBC) — The United Airlines has apologized for the oversight.