Dittos Park four bedroom

Four-bedroom in Ditmas Park on market for $699K

When you see a four-bedroom listed for $699K in New York City you probably think something is amiss. Either the bedroom count is flat out wrong or the listing agent is touting a laundry room as a third bedroom or proposing a minor floor plan adjustment that requires hiring a general contractor. Nine times out of ten, your heightened levels of skepticism are fully warranted and you would be right to assume the four-bedroom listed for $699K is not what it says it is.

Living room ditmas park

The living room has tons of room and lots of light

Here, however, is a $699K four-bedroom that is just what it seems. The apartment, located at 2022 Beverley Road in Ditmas Park, offers four full bedrooms, each with a legit window and a real closet. All bedrooms are generously and evenly sized. But seriously, what’s the catch? Ditmas Park is a nice neighborhood, the bedrooms are real and the apartment measures 1,500-square feet. What is the deal here? Let’s do a rundown of the pros and cons.


  • Hello!! The price. $699K for a four-bedroom? It doesn’t get old.
  • The size. The co-op offers 1,500 square feet and takes one half of the building’s top floor.
  • Lots of light and windows. The apartment has 12 windows on all sides of the unit. Since it’s a top-floor unit, it gets lots of sun and unobstructed views.
  • In-unit dishwasher and washer-dryer.
  • Hardwood floors throughout.
  • The living area is large with a separate dining room and living room. Plus a breakfast bar.
  • There is extra storage and a bike room in the basement.
  • The B/Q train is five blocks away at Beverley Road.
  • Ditmas Park is great neighborhood with lots of bars and restaurants.


  • The fixtures and appliances are old. See the ceiling fan above dining room.
  • There is no central air conditioning.
  • Apartment features exposed radiators instead of vented heating.
  • There is only ONE (1) bathroom. EEK!
  • The single bathroom is very outdated.
  • The apartment is a fourth-floor walk-up.
  • Maintenance is $960/month, which is high given lack of building services.
  • The apartment is on the edge of Ditmas Park in between the busy and commercial strips of Ocean Parkway and Flatbush Avenue. As such, don’t expect a beautiful tree-lined block or to be surrounded by large lawns and Victorian homes.
  • There are not many trees on the block.

See below for a full photo tour

Dining room ditmas park

The separate dining room can fit a large table

dining room ditmas park

But that ceiling fixture has to go.

four bedroom apartment Ditmas Park

One of the apartment’s four bedrooms

four bedroom Ditmas Park

Another of the apartment’s four bedrooms.

bathroom ditmas park apartment

There is only ONE bathroom in the apartment and…this is what you get.

See the rest of the apartment.