Every week, we share the most popular sale listing of the week in NYC, as selected by you, our StreetEasy users. The most popular sale for May 3 is a stunning Park Slope 2BR with stained glass windows and a terrace, currently on the market for $1,250,000. Contact a StreetEasy Expert on the listing for more information. (StreetEasy Experts are agents with proven experience in a particular building or area.)

Stunning Park Slope 2BR With Laundry & Terrace

Location: 55 Seventh Ave. #2, in Park Slope

Saves: As of this writing, the most popular sale for May 3 has been saved by more than 335 users.

Price: $1,250,000. Assuming a 30-year mortgage and the minimum down payment of 20% ($250,000), StreetEasy estimates total monthly payments at $5,224. This includes the mortgage payment ($4,292) and maintenance fee ($932).

Why it’s so popular: Um, because it’s gorgeous! But in more practical terms, this Park Slope 2BR checks off every possible box. Two real bedrooms, home office, private outdoor space, in-unit laundry, dishwasher. And then there are the spectacular details — the marble mantel, the ornate moldings, that breathtaking stained glass window! Plus, it’s located in a Gothic Revival limestone townhouse just a block from Grand Army Plaza. Honestly, the whole thing is pretty perfect.

This home isn’t all prewar, though. It’s modern where it counts: The sleek, white kitchen is renovated in quartzite and stainless steel. And the bathroom has a custom-tiled jacuzzi tub!

In addition, the price is surprisingly low (relatively speaking). $1.25 million is not cheap, certainly. But the median asking price in Park Slope is actually $1.6 million, according to the StreetEasy Data Dashboard. That puts our most popular sale for May 3 $350K below average for this much-loved neighborhood.

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