Everything is big in New York City, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day isn’t any different. Whether you’re of Irish descent or not, every year New Yorkers dust off their green attire, flock to their favorite Irish pubs for a Guinness and, most importantly, wander to Fifth Ave. to catch the famous St. Patrick’s Day parade. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, StreetEasy decided to crunch some numbers and find out if the luck of the Irish had any connection to real estate. This year, we compared median sale prices of homes along three of the city’s biggest parade routes to see which boasted the priciest real estate. At a median sale price of $3.7 million, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade comes out on top, followed by the Thanksgiving Day Parade ($2.0 million) and the Gay Pride March ($1.6 million).

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