Being an Expert real estate agent starts the second you pick up the phone and call a lead for the first time. This initial conversation can make or break the relationship with a client. Use the guides and scripts in this series to help you start off – and ultimately, finish – on the right foot.

  • Structuring Your Calls with ALM
  • Basic ALM Script
  • Maximizing the First Call
  • Talking Points for the First Conversation
  • Checklist: The First Conversation with a New Lead
  • Applying ALM in a Virtual World

Structuring Your Calls with ALM

There’s nothing more fundamental to the first call than ALM: Appointment, Location, Motivation. This simple framework for structuring calls empowers Experts to achieve three crucial goals during the conversation: scheduling an in-person appointment, discussing locations to visit during the appointment, and uncovering the prospect’s motivation for buying a home. In addition to scheduling the all-important appointment, ALM helps agents learn more about the potential buyer and their wants and needs.

This succinct one-page guide spells out ALM and how to use it to structure client calls.

Basic ALM Script

Now that you know the importance of ALM, it’s time for some scripts. This guide contains a basic ALM script to follow during a call, as well as tips and best practices. The script includes an introduction, how to ask for an appointment, questions to ask about location, and questions to ask about the buyer’s motivation for moving. The scripts can be used for text messages, too. 

Maximizing the First Call

Beyond ALM, there are many ways to make the most of your first call with a prospective client. It’s also crucial to explain your role as a StreetEasy Expert, focus on the person rather than the property, know how to respond to common objections, avoid giving bad news, and confirm the next steps. 

This robust guide contains tips, tricks, and scripts for maximizing the first conversation.

Talking Points for the First Conversation

Even Experts know it’s unwise to just wing it during the first call. You may know in your head the important talking points to hit, but in the moment, there’s a chance you’ll miss some. Instead, follow this script covering the essentials: introducing yourself, speaking to your expertise, asking for an appointment, disclosing your role, building rapport, establishing the prospect’s motivation, and eliciting properties to visit during the appointment. 

This script will help you keep the conversation friendly, upbeat, and informative but brief, while securing an initial showing.

Checklist: The First Conversation with a New Lead

In addition to scheduling an appointment, there are several mini-goals Experts should aim to achieve during the first call. Not all of them are obvious: you know you should make a strong introduction, but what about exuding warmth? You know to ask about the buyer’s motivations, but what uncomfortable questions should you avoid? You know you should outline the next steps, but what about repeating your information at the end of the call?

Rather than memorizing all of these mini-goals, just refer to this checklist.

Applying ALM in a Virtual World

There’s no reason the A in ALM can’t apply to virtual appointments. Whether it’s due to COVID-19 concerns, the buyer being out of town, or little more than preference, virtual appointments are here to stay. 

Use these scripts and best practices to apply ALM in situations where the first meeting will take place via video call.