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#FindYourFormula: StreetEasy Debuts New Advertising Campaign in NYC

New Yorkers love living in New York City – even if we could have infinitely more space in the suburbs; even if our roommates generally outnumber our bathrooms (and sometimes we share a kitchen with our bathtub); even if our shoebox apartment costs an arm and a leg and a guarantor – we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Finding that perfect home is all about trade-offs in this city.

Today, we’re excited to introduce StreetEasy’s latest ad campaign, “Find Your Formula,” which speaks to the give and take involved in finding a neighborhood and home in New York City that bests fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. The campaign uses cheeky illustrations to parody the trade-offs that characterize a NYC home search. The detail-packed images are formatted as mathematical equations, adding and subtracting the factors and amenities that ultimately equal an individual’s formula. Take a look at some of the examples below – can you relate to any scenarios?

But, what works for one New Yorker may not work for the next. Recognizing that every buyer or renter is different is what this campaign is all about. It’s all a matter of finding what works for you, and StreetEasy’s breadth of listings, vast amenity search criteria, and unparalleled database of information will help you get there.

Keep an eye out for the new ads on your daily commute – they will appear throughout the city, with a focus on placements where New Yorkers spend most of their time: on the streets and sidewalks, in subway stations, subway cars, buses and taxis.

What was your NYC formula? Tell us your story or favorite ads using #FindYourFormula on social media. We want to hear from you!

West Village_Roommates


East Village_Under 1500



SE_NYSubwayBrand_Park Slope


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  • ABH

    What a genius ad campaign. Creative, funny and attracting! Great job!

  • native new yorker

    Surprised to see your ads on the Staten Island Railway too.

  • Drew Ford

    I take offense to your caricature of Mississippi.

    I grew up in Mississippi. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned there was the danger of profiling groups of people. It certainly has been (and is) done there… but it is also done throughout this country… even this ad. And it is a dark, dangerous practice. And I think this practice is one we’re trying to move away from in this country. So I’m helping you be part of this movement. Here’s how:

    I am pasting imagery over the caricature. The new images are of people who have contributed or do contribute wonderful things to society—and who came from Mississippi. The list includes (in no particular order): Oprah, Medgar Evers, Richard Wright, Faulkner, Eudora Welty, James Earl Jones, Elvis, Muddy Waters, Faith Hill, Britney Spears, Brandi, Ray-Jay, Parker Posey… the list goes on. Some can be found here:

    I’m focusing on MS, because the acerbic wit works when aimed at New Yorkers. Laughing at New York becomes laughing at ourselves. We are members of this group; we’re insiders to an extent. And believe me, insiders of Mississippi quite often laugh at ourselves and our state—if not to keep from crying sometimes. So I DO get the intended humor.

    But laughing at other people (even when it would appear, on the surface, to be laughing at the picture of ignorance and intolerance) is dangerous. Ignorance and intolerance is a state of mind… not just a state named Mississippi.

  • Cheryl

    Hilarious ad campaign! It was light hearted, and I love that we don’t have to take each other so seriously and can poke fun at NYC – especially since real estate prices are sky high right now and development is happening in every nook and cranny of the boroughs. It’s a tough market out there and a useful tool to help search for housing is so critical. While taking the 3 to the upper west side to meet up with friends for dinner last Sunday, I saw one of your ads for the first time. I mentioned one of the ads to them and we all had a good laugh. Love the quirky ads … definitely better than those advertising breast augmentations … no question. Thanks! By the way, who’s the artist for the campaign?

  • Celeste Louise

    Positively awesome. My friends and I can’t stop talking about this! A great way for us NYCers to laugh at ourselves. Can we get a Fort Greene/Clinton Hill banner? 🙂

  • Mariano Nicolas

    Find this ad campaign amazing! Is there any way to get the posters? I would love to bring them back home as a gift to the family 🙂