New Yorkers will be the first to tell you: all cities are not created equal. What other city has five unique, vibrant boroughs with their own blend of homes, parks, restaurants, cultural offerings, and more? But this plethora of options can make it hard to decide which NYC borough to live in. Are you a Manhattanite at heart, or is Staten Island more your style? Is Brooklyn your vibe, or would you be more comfortable in Queens? Fortunately, we’ve created a quiz to help you figure out which borough is the right fit for you and your priorities in life. After you take our Where to Live in NYC quiz and get your result, scroll down for a quick overview of what it says about you.

Where to Live in NYC Quiz: The Results

The Bronx

You like to be on top, up high and enjoying the view! If you got the Bronx, you value parks and green space above most other attractions, but you also don’t want to be too far from the action. Driving isn’t really your favorite way to get around your neighborhood — you take the subway like a real New Yorker — and you like to have plenty of great restaurants and bars just a stone’s throw away. And if you can tolerate the tourists, the Bronx is home to the largest metropolitan zoo in the country. Ready to start your search? See what homes are available in the Bronx.

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You’re cool, fun and want a piece of the action — but not too much action! You want easy access to restaurants, museums, parks, events, and all the other good stuff NYC has to offer, but you also want a buffer from the chaos of Manhattan. You prefer to get around on foot or by bike, but are willing to take the subway to visit Manhattan or “other Brooklyn.” And you certainly know that Brooklyn has the best pizza! Want to see what’s on the market in Brooklyn? Start your search here.

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You definitely have main character energy. When it comes to where to live in NYC, your borough is at the center of it all — in the heart of the city that’s called the center of the universe. If you can’t walk to at least six different bodegas and countless restaurants, bars, and museums, fuhgeddaboudit! While there are pockets of tranquility in Manhattan (Central Park, for one!), you’re pretty willing to sacrifice peace and quiet for convenience and all-night merriment. Not to mention that little ego boost you get when someone asks where you live, and you reply “Manhattan” with a hint of swagger. Why not go ahead and take a look at the housing options Manhattan has to offer?

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Staten Island

New York City’s “forgotten borough” is not forgotten to you! You want a quiet neighborhood with plenty of personal space, maybe even a yard that you can tell others to get off of. Parks and nature are important to you, and Staten Island has plenty of green space! You’re probably a car person, and you’re proud of it (no shade, we bet it’s nice!). You may not need to commute into Manhattan, but if you do, you can always hop on the iconic (and free!) Staten Island Ferry. Does Staten Island sound like your kind of place? Check out the available listings.

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When it comes to dining, you fancy yourself a “foodie,” if that word doesn’t bother you. You love to eat out at incredible restaurants and taste your way through every cuisine under the sun! Who could blame you? While Manhattan is a little too close to the action, you still like to visit sometimes, even though your borough is also home to some great museums. You may also have a bit of the travel bug — you either travel for work or just love a vacation, and getting a head start to the security lines at JFK and LaGuardia sounds pretty appealing. Ready to explore Queens? Start your search here.

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