There is no shortage of “uniquely” designed condo buildings being built all around New York these days, but this recent reveal at 349 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg was startling. As noted by 6sqft, the 15,300-square-foot residential building evokes “highway motel” when the aim might have been industrial chic.

349 KentStill, with so many looking for a place to call home, what home shoppers might find attractive is that the residential building (designed by Brooklyn-based Workshop DA) will have only two units per floor for a total of 10 units. And while from the street it may look like a parking ramp, no doubt residents will one day like the multitude of terrace space surrounding the units.

The 349 Kent project is rising up out of the now bulldozed, 4,000 square-foot lot owned by Eugene Bushinger under the name 351 Kent Realty LLC. This little development project is downright quaint compared to the massive undertaking right nearby at 325 Kent Street, which is part of the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar plant that will push 500 rental units onto the market in 2017, according to the timetable of the Domino site owner Two Trees.

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