Image of StreetEasy agent tools app
With StreetEasy Agent Tools, you can now do business on the go.

Managing your listings on the go just got so much easier. This week, StreetEasy released an update to our listing management software and the brand-new Agent Tools app. The app is designed exclusively to make your life easier and allows you to post and edit listings directly from your phone.

The app is essentially a streamlined version of the new desktop experience and gets your listings in front of renters and buyers faster than ever before. Now you can post listings, upload photos, edit open houses and so much more from literally anywhere. Post from the subway platform, the back of a taxi or the comfort of your couch. It’s all possible with the Agent Tools app.

Download the app for iOS and Android.

Let’s Get Started

To publish a new listing, hit the “create” icon at the center of your screen. Choose between a sales listing or a rental listing. Then enter the building address and unit. Touch the “create listing” button and you are on your way.

In the management tab, you can add key details about the listing, like the commission structure for sales or the terms of exclusivity for rentals. For rentals, you can take a picture of the exclusivity agreement and upload it directly to the listing. From the management tab, you can also leave internal notes for colleagues from your brokerage. These will only be visible to you and your team.

Image of StreetEasy agent tools app
Using the Agent Tools app, you can now detail key information, like the terms of exclusivity and the commission structure.

Add Building Amenities

Hit “next” and then update the building information. New building amenity options include type of outdoor space, type of doorman and  expanded options for shared amenities.

Image of StreetEasy Agent Tools App
New building amenities help you showcase important details for renters and buyers, like wheelchair accessibility and type of doorman.

Then Add In-Unit Amenities

In the unit tab, you can add price, number of bedrooms and improved in-unit amenities like type of view, type of fireplace and type of outdoor space. For rentals, you can add details about concessions and short-term lease options.

In the unit tab, you can now share concession information and other key details with prospective clients.

Next, Upload Photos

With the new app, you can take photos and upload them directly from your phone. You can also add links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Want to include a floor plan? Snap a screenshot of it and upload just like you would any other photo.

Image of StreetEasy Agent Tools App
You can now take photos with your phone and upload them directly to your listing.

Schedule Open Houses

Coordinating open houses is a headache, but with the new Agent Tools app, you can schedule, update and delete open houses on the go. If your client’s plans change or you can’t make it, it’s no big deal to quickly reschedule an existing open house or add a new one.

Image of StreetEasy agent tools app
Scheduling open houses doesn’t have to be such as a hassle.

And Presto! Your Listing Is Published

To publish your listing, change the status icon at the bottom of the screen from “draft” to “active” and then you’re in business. Your listing will be published in real time — and will appear in front of renters and buyers in seconds.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Problems posting a listing? Here are some quick tips.

  • If you enter a listing in a building that doesn’t exist on StreetEasy yet, submit a request to our Customer Support team via live chat or
  • Before uploading photos, you must give StreetEasy access to your images.
  • Do not delete your existing StreetEasy app. You will need the existing StreetEasy app to search for listings and connect with clients. Agent Tools is exclusively for entering and editing listings.