When it comes to pricing listings, it’s important for real estate agents to have competitive reporting that’s timely, relevant, and accurate. This week, StreetEasy introduced new custom comp reports to ensure that agents who use StreetEasy Agent Tools have quick access to the best, most robust pricing information to share with their clients and close their listings as quickly as possible.

New Custom Comp Reports

Image of new streeteasy custom comp reports

The new StreetEasy custom comp reports give agents a clearer picture of the market and how their listing stacks up against the competition.

When an agent posts a new listing, StreetEasy will automatically create a custom, curated report which reveals how similar listings are priced, how they’re performing, and how long they’ve been on the market, as well as the number of times users have saved those listings after viewing on StreetEasy. The report will also showcase the biggest competition among active listings, giving agents a clear picture of the market, the specific competition, and all the listing-specific reporting they need to inform their clients.

StreetEasy Agent Tools

Image of Agent Tools App

Agents describe StreetEasy’s latest app as a “lifesaver.”

Earlier this year, StreetEasy released updates to Agent Tools, which included a top-notch listing entry platform and a new agent-friendly app, so consumers can see updates in real time, and agents can make changes on the go. Agents described the update as a “lifesaver” and “Christmas in July” in their comments within the app store. Before this, we launched Agent Spotlight, an offering that allows listing agents exclusive placement on the listing and to be the first point of contact for prospective buyers — which garnered plenty of interest when it became available in January. Now, StreetEasy is adding to that long list of updates with new custom reporting to bolster agents’ ability to help clients close the deal on their next home.

What’s Next for Agents?

In 2020, StreetEasy will continue investing heavily in tools and technology that help agents deliver exactly what their buyers and renters are after. This year, StreetEasy began testing new product changes with agents before bringing them to market. Before launching an upgraded experience on Agent Tools, and a dedicated app for agents, the team tested these changes with a group of agents who frequently use StreetEasy products. To get involved in testing and product feedback before future offerings go to market, sign up to join the next StreetEasy/Agent Roundtable Discussions. We’ll have guests from the product team discussing recently released features and brainstorming new ones, along with plenty of time to collect agent feedback. We look forward to meeting you!