Image of Mick Jones NYC Apartment

Ann Dexter-Jones, the ex-wife of Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, is selling her Greenwich Village duplex and moving in with her new husband, Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones. Yes — you read that right. According to the New York Post, the couple remarried this spring after divorcing in 2007. Her 2,000-square-foot, 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home hit the market today for $4.995 million.

After the couple’s break-up, Dexter-Jones, a jewelry designer and downtown socialite, purchased the duplex at the Portsmouth — an upscale, Gilded Age-era building at 42 West Ninth Street — for $1.795M. After nine years, the apartment is back on the market for a substantially higher price.

Image of Mick Jones NYC apartment

Although the duplex belonged to Dexter-Jones during her stint as a rock ‘n’ roll ex, it looks like it could easily appeal to a current band frontman, or perhaps some rock offspring.

In fact, Dexter-Jones herself has raised some badass children. With Mick she had two kids: the actress Annabelle Dexter-Jones and the DJ Alexander Dexter-Jones. She has three more kids from a previous marriage: Grammy-winning music producer Mark Ronson, designer Charlotte Ronson, and DJ Samantha Ronson.

Image of Mick Jones NYC apartment

The duplex is a 2-bedroom, with a design ethos that could be defined as “bohemian pastiche.” Leather upholstery, red velvet and baroque-inspired tapestry all are thrown together with free-spirited disregard for homogeneity.

An eclectic collection of abstract and figurative art is stacked right to the top of the 11-foot ceilings. Pendant lamps dangle throughout, giving the duplex an intimate feel that’s aided by four wood-burning fireplaces.

Image of Mick Jones NYC apartment

What truly takes the cake here is the marble-clad master bath — the stuff of rockstar fantasy. It’s not clear exactly what purpose that golden chair serves, but we’d guess it’s more than a place to toss your towel.

Image of Mick Jones NYC apartment

A soaking tub and a golden chair … because it’s no fun to bathe alone.

The lower level has been remade into something between a home office, rec room and lair. It features low ceilings, exposed beams and brick, and a super-comfy-looking couch. The cumulative effect is of the perfect post-concert crash pad. Couldn’t you imagine sleeping off a nasty hangover in this little nook?

image of mick jones nyc apartment

On quieter nights, the upstairs master bedroom offers slightly more elegant accommodations.

Image of Mick Jones NYC apartment

Dexter-Jones’ listing of the duplex marks the second major blow to the Village’s roster of rockstar residents. Earlier this week, Keith Richards listed his $12M duplex just around the corner at One Fifth Avenue. There goes the neighborhood!

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