Summer is officially here and while the city in June is a thing of beauty, come July and August the appeal of alfresco dining wears off and the smell of hot garbage sets in. Time to get away, huh?

However, a vacation at the height of summer is almost as expensive as one month’s rent in NYC. And, if you’re like the rest of us, your budget probably can’t afford both. Here we pit New York City apartments head-to-head with comparably-priced classic summer vacation destinations.

For this exercise, we used median prices from for airline tickets departing July 2 and returning July 9 (who wants to be in the city on July 4th!?) and then looked at Airbnb for the average cost of accommodations in each location during the same time. When applicable we also included the cost of necessary car travel.

So, which one: apartment or vacation?

$4,500: 1 BR in West Chelsea or 1 Week in Yellowstone?

London Terrace Chelsea apartment

A coveted address at London Terrace

Would you take this $4,500/month one-bedroom in West Chelsea’s iconic London Terrace Apartments….

What you get:

  • Very cool address in an iconic NYC building
  • Classic pre-war Chelsea details
  • Views of enclosed, private garden
  • Lots of walk-in closets
  • Big layout
  • Doorman

…or one week in Yellowstone?

yellowstone vacation

No buildings standing tall, just big sky and mountain air!

What you’ll pay: $4,333

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to Jackson Hole, WY: $1,676 ($838 each)
  • One week at an Airbnb for two near Yellowstone National Park: $2,338 ($334/night x 7)
  • One week car rental from Jackson Hole: $319
  • Total: $4,333

$6,500: 1 BR in Tribeca or 1 Week in Ibiza?

Tribeca loft apartment

A Tribeca loft with exposed brick and all the trimmings

Would you rather take this $6,500/month loft in Tribeca

What you get:

  • Legit, Tribeca loft with exposed brick, concrete slabbing, super-high ceilings
  • Huge 1,200-square foot layout
  • Chef’s kitchen with high-end fixtures
  • Large walk-in closet
  • A custom mural – really!

… or one week in Ibiza, Spain?

Ibiza beach

It’s like the Meatpacking, but on the beach and en español. Comparable prices too.

What you’ll pay: $6,861

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to Ibiza, Spain in July: $2,948 ($1,474 each)
  • One week at an Airbnb for two in Ibiza: $3,913 ($559/night x 7)
  • Total: $6,861

$2,700: 1 BR in Yorkville or 1 Week in Napa

yorkville walk up

How about a nice, no-frills walk-up on the UES? There’s nothing wrong with being basic!

Would you take this no-fee $2,700/month one-bedroom walk-up in Yorkville

What you get:

  • Clean feel, new paint and appliances – nothing to complain about
  • Recently renovated kitchen
  • Proximity to Whole Foods
  • Comes furnished

…. or a week in Napa?

Napa winery vacation

Is a week wine-tasting in Napa basic? Mmm.

What you’ll pay: $2,705

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to San Francisco in July: $894 ($447 each)
  • One-week car rental from San Francisco Airport: $159
  • One week at Airbnb for two in Napa: $1,652 ($236/night x 7)
  • Total: $2,705

$4,200: 1 BR on the UWS or 1 Week on the Amalfi Coast?

The choice is yours: a one-bedroom in a full service UWS building or...

A brand new condo can feel like a hotel, right?

Would you take a $4,200/month one-bedroom off Columbus

What you get:

  • Brand-new, sponsor unit in UWS condo
  • All new appliances and fixtures, including dishwasher and washer/dryer
  • Marble bathroom
  • A full-service building including gym, garden and roof deck

… or one week on the Amalfi Coast in Italy?

or a week soaking up the sun on the Amalfi Coast?

Will you miss your condo with a wine cooler when you’re living the dolce vita on the Amalfi Coast?

What you’ll pay: $4,289

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to Naples, Italy: $2,682 ($1,341 each)
  • Roundtrip transportation from Naples airport to Amalfi: $270
  • One week at Airbnb for two in Amalfi: $1,337 ($191/night x 7)
  • Total: $4,289

$2,700: 1 BR in East Williamsburg or 1 Week in Outer Banks

You could get an apartment in East Williamsburg with a balcony or...

What’s more remote? East Williamsburg or the OBX?

You could get a $2,700/one-bedroom in East Williamsburg with a balcony or...

What you’ll pay:

  • All new appliances, including dishwasher
  • 300-square foot outdoor space
  • “Resort style” building (i.e., 24-hour concierge service, gym with a pool and Jacuzzi and a communal roof deck.)

… or one week in the Outer Banks, NC?

Outer Banks vacation

The sunsets in Williamsburg are great, don’t get us wrong, but do they compare to this?

What you’ll pay: $2,649

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to Norfolk, VA: $950 ($475 each)
  • One week car rental in Norfolk, VA: $201
  • One week at Airbnb for two in Outer Banks, NC: $1,498 ($214/night x 7)

$3,500: 1 BR in Park Slope or 1 Week in Machu Picchu?

Park Slope Duplex

Tons of space in Park Slope

Would you take a $3,500/month one-bedroom duplex in Park Slope

What you get:

  • Two floors in a classic Park Slope brownstone
  • Big open floor plan layout with over 1,000 square feet
  • Huge private roof deck (300 square feet)
  • Exposed brick and decorative fireplaces
  • All new kitchen and bath

… or one week in Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu

Just think. You could be in Prospect Park instead!

What you’ll pay: $3,721

  • Two roundtrip tickets from NYC to Cusco, Peru: $2,330 ($1,165 each)
  • Four-day trek package on the Inca Trail for two: $1,250
  • Three nights at an Airbnb for two in Cusco: $141 ($47/night x 3)
  • Total: $3,721