You don’t need to leave home to work out. You don’t even need a big apartment.

Everyone seems so fit in New York, but the obstacles to getting in shape can seem insurmountable: costly gym fees, slushy road conditions, judgmental hotties on adjacent treadmills — truly terrifying stuff. Luckily, you can avoid all of those unpleasant situations by working out in your very own apartment! And no, you don’t need to purchase a bulky elliptical or confusing weight machine to get there. Check out our favorite resources to help you burn calories in your NYC apartment.


This fitness website prides itself on offering workout videos, programs, meal plans and the like for everyone, from beginners to workout aficionados. You can do most of their nearly 400 “No-Equipment Workouts” in your apartment, and can filter based on difficulty, gender and body focus. Although many of their videos do not require any equipment, if you invest in a mat and dumbbell, you’ll truly be ready to tackle them all.

Kayla Itsines

If you are a twenty- or thirty-something woman not living under a rock (and with semi-frequent access to social media) you’ve probably heard of Kayla Itsines. For all you rock-dwellers, this Australian trainer has become Instagram-famous because of her BBG (Bikini Body Guide) e-books, her “Sweat With Kayla” app and her meal plans. Part of the reason Itsines’ programs are incredibly popular is that they’re easy to work into your daily schedule — they’re 28-minute workouts three times a week — and they can be done at home or at the gym. As for the workouts that require “equipment,” a chair or bench in your apartment can easily suffice.

Women’s Health

For those who want to keep switching it up, Women’s Health magazine has a slew of resources for at-home workouts. If you’re more of a visual person, they have video resources, and if you just need a way to get in a workout in between Super Bowl commercials, they have an article for that, too. You’ll find all sorts of tips and exercise routines on their useful site.

Video Games

Some of us love to work out, and others would prefer to pretend it’s not happening. Both are completely fine. For the latter group, video games can be a resource for calorie-burning in a more enjoyable way. Health Fitness Revolution compiled the 10 Healthiest Video Games, which includes fun titles like “Dance Dance Revolution” and “Zumba Fitness“, both of which will get you dancing and sweating, but not counting down the minutes. For those who want a more traditional workout via gaming, there are options such as “Kinect Training,” which features at-home cardio and endurance exercises, and “Your Shape,” which offers personalized workouts catered to your fitness needs and goals.

At-Home Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work out in your apartment if you have cranky neighbors who don’t enjoy your jumping jacks at 7 a.m. All you need is a mat, a bit of space, and some stamina (you’ll build up to it, don’t worry). Huffington Post has a list of 9 Great Yoga YouTube Channels to start with. And if you want a ton of resources at your disposal on one comprehensive site, consider joining Yoga International, a membership group that offers video classes, tons of articles, and targeted lessons based on your interests. If you’re a total yoga newbie, it might be beneficial to invest in a few real-life classes to get started, so you can ask questions about form. But after that, feel free to pack up your mat and keep your Downward Dogs and Mountain Poses confined to your own home.

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