bathroom storage ideas

Read on for tips on how to curb the clutter — even in a tiny bathroom. (Getty Images)

We get it: Trying to cram all your essentials into a tiny rental bathroom is frustrating. But you don’t have to resign yourself to eternal clutter! Believe it or not, it is possible to fit everything you need into a small bathroom without creating chaos — or letting your toiletries overflow into the bedroom. Here are our top bathroom storage ideas to make even the most space-challenged baths feel minimalist and spa-like. 

Storage Idea 1: Maximize Wall Space

If you don’t have the floor space for a standalone storage unit in the bathroom, you’re not alone (welcome to New York!). Luckily, your walls are a great source of untapped real estate.

Clear caddies stick easily onto the wall and are just as easy to remove without causing damage. We’re also a fan of this customizable rack, which can be installed on a wall or on the back of the door. 

Utilizing your wall space isn’t just a great bathroom storage idea, though: It’s a smart move in the kitchen too!

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Storage Idea 2: Stay Organized

Whether you’re stashing things in the space under your sink or stuffing them into a vanity, keep everything tidy using drawer organizers or  clear stackable boxes. Not only will this help you make the most of every inch without overcrowding, it also means that you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it, without having to dig through a giant mountain of stuff. 

And in the bathing area itself, bring order to those soaps and shampoo bottles constantly falling off of your tub’s jam-packed corners by corralling them all into a sturdy shower caddy, whether it sticks to the wall or hangs from your shower head.  

Storage Idea 3: Hang It Up

Because that one measly towel rod is never quite enough, use stick-on wall hooks or pegs (no drill required) to hang everything from extra towels to bathrobes.

For a more untraditional look, try leaning a rustic wood ladder against the wall and hanging a towel or two from each rung. This gives you a lot of hanging space in a very small footprint — and it might even clear an entire closet shelf for you to use for clothing or shoes!

Storage Idea 4: Utilize Unexpected Space

When it comes to bathroom storage, corners and the space above the toilet are often neglected, but ripe for the picking. We love this corner shelving unit from IKEA as a perch for objects you don’t mind putting on display, and this more contained over-the-toilet unit for more discreet storage.

You can even slide some extra storage into the slim space between the toilet and the wall or sink with this slender cabinet. It’s a great way to keep items like extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies hidden away but still close at hand.

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Storage Idea 5: Opt for Items That Do Double Duty

Every bathroom has a mirror anyway, so why not put it to storage use as well? A good old-fashioned mirrored medicine cabinet is a practical must-have in a small bathroom. Another option is to “extend” a flat mirror by installing a floating shelf underneath it for handy access to objects that you reach for on a daily basis, like a toothbrush and toothpaste.

And finally, if you do have room for furniture, stick to practical pieces with multiple purposes. A bench that also works as a shelf, a stool that’s also a surface for extra hand towels, even a bath mat that doubles as decor will help keep your bathroom streamlined, functional and stylish. 

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