image of roman abramovich biggest home in nyc

Roman Abramovich plans to combine these buildings into the biggest home in NYC.

Talk about an international blockbuster! A Russian billionaire with close ties to Vladimir Putin plans to convert three buildings on a prime block in Lenox Hill, creating what would be the largest single-family residence in Manhattan.

At 20,000 square feet, this Upper East Side development would be bigger than Gracie Mansion or the Governor’s Mansion in Albany. And in addition to the $74 million investment in four buildings on East 75th Street, renovation estimates top $100 million by some accounts.

An exclusive from the New York Post details the real estate whopper involving Roman Abramovich, who bought up four separate townhouses and brownstones on E. 75th Street between Fifth and Madison with designs to build his “urban castle.” Among Abramovich’s other holdings is England’s vaunted Chelsea Football Club.

Abramovich has seen his international freedom constrained over the past few months. He was denied a visa application in Switzerland after the country called him “a security threat.” In Britain, a crackdown on wealthy Russians with ties to the Kremlin has also ensnared the tycoon.

Meanwhile, plans for the Russian oligarch’s NYC palatial digs appear to be going forward.

Permits from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission for interior rehabilitation of the townhouses’ interiors were issued last March to Paul Heagren, whom The Guardian newspaper in London described as “a long-term Abramovich lieutenant.” A little asset shuffling between Abramovich and his ex-wife have since taken place, but the Post reports that the mega-mansion is still in the works:

Last month, Abramovich, 51, the owner of England’s Chelsea Football Club, transferred the combined properties at 9, 11 and 13 East 75th St. to his ex-wife, Dasha Zhukova, for $74 million, public records show. A fourth townhouse — 15 East 75th St. — was also transferred to Zhukova, a 37-year-old socialite and art collector, for an additional $16.5 million, although it is no longer included in the plans for the mega-mansion.

StreetEasy data shows that between 2014 and 2015, Abramovich shelled out a pretty ruble for each of the four buildings. Maybe the sellers required inducements from the Russian billionaire to make the four-building plan happen? Abramovich paid:

$17.9 million for 9 E. 75th St.

$29.7 million for 11 E. 75th St.

$30 million for 13 E. 75th St. 

$18.3 million for 15 E. 75th St. 

The Post reported that the NYC-based Stephen Wang & Associates, whose portfolio of interior redesign can be viewed here, is the architectural firm of record for this huge project.

One design expert told the Post that the renovation price tag “could reach $100 million, on top of the $90 million already paid for the property purchases.”

But that’s chump change for Abramovich, one of the world’s richest men.

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