As part of StreetEasy Buyers Week, we’ve rounded up some wisdom from experienced NYC buyer’s agents on a variety of home-buying topics that will hopefully help give you an edge during your NYC home hunt.

Today’s topic:

What’s your advice for finding the right neighborhood (not just an apartment)?

Go Exploring and Get Talking 

“Make sure you explore the neighborhood both during the daytime and evening. See what types of shops are in the vicinity, such as grocery stores, cafes and restaurants.”

Bernard Klein, Blooming Sky

“Buyers should try to experience different neighborhoods at various times of the day and evening. Visit local parks, dine at local restaurants and cafes, go to a bar, talk to people who live in the neighborhood and walk down different blocks to get a feel for the neighborhood to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you. And, buyers should consider the available transportation of any given neighborhood which would impact their commutation, if needed, and their local transportation needs.”

Joseph Dima & Josiane Lysius, Corcoran

Set Priorities 

“A home buyer needs to focus on their lifestyle choices to identify the proper neighborhood, which will determine the size of their home purchase based on how much of the preapproved mortgage amount they are willing to spend.”

Jacqueline Edwards, Perfect Quarters

“I think it’s truly evaluating the needs for the person(s) involved in the transaction. Commute time is always a concern, but know there is a huge premium for being closer to Manhattan.”

Michael Napolitano, RE/Max

“Find a happy medium between work, social and family life that you’ll feel comfortable calling home.”

Josh Rubin, Douglas Elliman

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