This week, StreetEasy hosted another installment in our Decoding the Market series, where we took an agent-tailored deep-dive through our latest market reports to “decode” findings with our economist, Nancy Wu. 

In the recording above, Wu explains how numbers from the last quarter indicate where NYC real estate is headed, and shares predictions on what to expect in these unprecedented times.

“I know it’s important for agents to maintain optimism, but I’m going to give you a realistic look at worst-case theories too, so you’re prepared for as many scenarios as possible,” Wu said. 

After questions, the discussion turned to Compass real estate agent Alex Mahgoub, who shared insights from his own career trajectory, which included making the much-sought-after jump from rentals to sales early in his career. Mahgoub discussed how he constantly cultivates a positive attitude, and even some books that have impacted his path forward — and that agents could read while things are slow.

“Your first deal will probably come from someone you know, so don’t be afraid to get the word out there,” Mahgoub said. Talking about one of his earliest deals, Alex remembered the ease of connection but the difficulty of managing his client’s emotions about being a first-time buyer. “These people are your friends, and your clients, so you have to wear many hats,” he explained.

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