east village 1-bedroom

A prime location and cute French doors, for well under the neighborhood median.

Well, you don’t see this very often: A true 1-bedroom apartment in a prime Manhattan neighborhood renting for under $2,000 per month. With windows and a bathroom and everything! Seriously though, this East Village 1-bedroom, on Sixth Street between First and Second avenues, is at the epicenter of everything there is to love about downtown — for significantly less than the area’s median rent. Score! Check out the video walkthrough on the listing, and read on for more about our Rental of the Week.

Address: 310 E. 6th St. #25

Price: $1,995

Size: 1-bedroom

Neighborhood: East Village

Best feature: Location, location, location. This is an affordable chance to live in the heart of the East Village, immersing yourself in the area’s legendary nightlife, culture, and restaurants — all right there at your doorstep! And it’s not too far east (just off Second Avenue), which means its still convenient to subways. Four big, bright windows and cute French doors leading to the bedroom are added bonuses.

Why it’s a deal: Did we mention this is an East Village 1-bedroom for under $2K? We’re talking a full thousand dollars per month less than the neighborhood’s $3,000 median rent for a 1BR. And if that’s not enough proof for you, it’s even below the area’s median rent for a studio apartment: $2,395. Wow!

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Biggest drawback: Is this apartment very spacious? No. Is it a fifth-floor walkup? Oh yeah. Is there a full kitchen? Well, there’s a full-size stove and a half-size fridge, so almost! But for this location, at this price? A lot can be overlooked.

See the listing: 310 E. 6th St. #25 in the East Village. Check out the video walkthrough on the listing, and contact listing agents Alexander Mecum and Samantha Garcia at City Connections for more information.

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