Photo  of east village duplex at 121 east 10th street

The headline alone should pique interest in this one-bedroom duplex located at 121 East 10th Street in the East Village. For a one-bedroom Downtown, the price alone is rare. That it’s a duplex makes the place all the rarer, but what truly seals the deal is the decor and layout. There’s exposed brick all over the place and tons of rustic, chic details like barrel-vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, salvaged wood and a blue slate stone-lined bathroom.

image of east village duplex

There’s a rough-hewn elegance about the place, amped up by vintage, farm-style furnishings such as rawhide rugs and assorted country kitchen chairs. It all comes together making a powerful statement. But, whether the decor’s your cup of tea or not, the apartment has definite pros and cons. It’ll be your call whether they are deal makers or deal breakers.

The Pros

  • Price! $625K for a duplex in the East Village? Cooooommme onnn. Can’t be that.
  • Location. 121 East 10th Street is on one of the loveliest blocks of the East Village, just down from St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery where Stuyvesant Street juts in alongside all those lovely townhouses.
  • Details. Exposed beams, exposed brick, wide-beam floors, slate stone, custom lighting, a brick and glass shower and a staircase made out of a beam salvaged from an apartment on East 9th Street.
  • Walk-in-closet.  It’s massive, folks.
  • Roof deck. The apartment allows for communal access to a finished roof deck.

Image of East Village Duplex

The Cons

  • Bedroom. The bedroom is on the lower level and only accessible by said salvaged staircase. As such, the bedroom doesn’t have a window and is only accessible by a steep set of stairs without a banister or guardrail.
  • Low ceilings. The bedroom also has low-beamed ceilings, which gives it a cozy or claustrophobic feel depending on your affinity for caves. What is one man’s private bedroom ‘enoteca’ is another man’s bunker.
  • Limited sunlight. The apartment only has one true window. The apartment is on the ground floor so that single window isn’t going to get you very far anyway.
  • Kitchen. It’s very small with room for only a half refrigerator.

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Do the pros outweigh the cons? You be the judge! The first open house is this Sunday, by appointment only.