Let’s say you’re an agent and you’ve got your sales listings on StreetEasy. Maybe you’re part of the NYC Rental Network, too, which puts you in front of a massive rental audience in New York. But just like everything in this giant city, there are plenty of other agents advertising their listings as well. How does an agent rise above the pack and get a particular apartment sold or rented faster? StreetEasy has plenty of tools to help you boost sales, stay top-of-mind for renters and buyers, and ultimately step up your NYC real estate brand. In this post, we’ll cover one of the simplest options: Featured Listings.

A Featured Listing is a nominally priced option to feature your listing above others on StreetEasy search result pages. In other words, when an apartment-hunter searches on StreetEasy with parameters that match an apartment you’re featuring, your listing will appear in the top few spots on the search results page. You’ll have the potential to show up first or second, above all the other homes which also meet that particular search criteria.

How Do Featured Listings Help You?

Beyond the obvious – listings that show up first will be looked at first – we’ve dug up a pretty compelling set of data that shows the full stats on what a Featured Listing can do for you. Our analytics show that Featured Listings for sales receive 113% more views, 138% more saves, 144% more shares, and 94% more messages than non-featured listings.

For rentals, Featured Listings receive 133% more views, 141% more saves, 155% more shares, and 137% more messages. That’s right: you have the potential to get more than twice as many contacts on a given listing just by purchasing this product.

And Featured Listings don’t just help with boosting a listing right after putting it on the site – agents can also feature a listing after some time has passed, to help it appear back at the top of search results. Any listing will get some organic search views, but eventually it will get pushed down by new listings. Featured Listings can push it back to the top.

How Much Do Featured Listings Cost?

To feature a rental or sales listing on StreetEasy, prices vary and depend on the length of time you select to keep the listing featured, ranging from one week to six weeks. Discounts for purchasing multiple weeks at a time are available. Agents are billed in advance, and can buy subsequent weeks whenever needed.

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