Image of Graydon Carter 40 Fifth Avenue

The former Vanity Fair editor has added a 2-bedroom co-op to his Greenwich Village collection.

Graydon Carter, the wildly coiffed former editor of Vanity Fair, recently closed on a 2-bedroom co-op at 40 Fifth Avenue. According to public records, Carter and his wife, Anna Scott Carter, paid $3.42 million for the seventh-floor unit, a 7 percent discount from the $3.695 million it was listed at in August.

The property is a fitting choice for a journalist who’s made a career hobnobbing with socialites and well-heeled artists. Located on Greenwich Village’s Gold Coast,  40 Fifth Avenue has long been one of the neighborhood’s most prestigious addresses.

Although not yet confirmed, it’s likely that the Carters will combine their unit on the seventh floor with the unit directly above, which is currently in contract. That property was listed for $3.6 million. Combined, the duplex will have 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, a dressing room off the master suite and a full wall of north-facing windows. The property also features a formal dining room, an ideal setting for Carter’s infamous dinner parties.

A longtime Greenwich Village resident, Carter also owns a townhouse just a couple of blocks to the west on Bank Street, which he purchased in 1998 for $2 million. He is also the owner of the Waverly Inn,  a restaurant down the block. There have been no rumors of Carter’s intention to sell the Bank Street property, so it’s likely that the duplex at 40 Fifth is simply an expansion of his downtown kingdom. The appetite to expand matches Carter’s voracious energy.

“In a lot of societies, you get your car, your boat, your house. And then you stop,” he told New York Magazine. “New Yorkers are constantly propelled to move on to the next thing. And that’s what makes the city a turbine of the culture.”

That turbine has propelled Carter quite a ways from his early days as journalist for Time magazine, when he earned $21,000 a year and rented an apartment in the Village for $200 per month. We wonder where the turbine will take Carter next — because although he is no longer at Vanity Fair, something tell us he’s not done moving yet.

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